Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Checking it twice

I'm happy to say that I made some progress on the list today. All Christmas and winter is gone from my house. There might be one or two little things left but I now have more room in the house and have moved on to Valentine's Day. It does really feel good to have that finished. Moving on the next holiday helps me not miss the Christmas decorations.

Among other things I did get a chance to work on the layout for the wedding quilt. I am really happy with it and can now start the sashing and putting the whole top together. I'm hoping that it can be quilted by the quilting group very soon. Now I'm really anxious to have it finished and sent on its way. I really want them to have it now.

I think I'm happy with the green sashing that I did plan to use. Moving right along!

I'm waiting, along with most of the country, for the next hit of the storm to come. We had some icing this morning and then just the grayest day I've seen in a long time. If the forecasters are right, we'll have sleet and freezing rain overnight. I keep checking but haven't seen anything yet. 

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  1. Hi Nancy, I'm a Texas girl and we are getting our freezing weather this week. I like the sun! Really enjoyed reading your blog!