Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I have three winners! What fun

First of all, let me say thank you to all who participated. I wish I could send something to everyone. I enter often and have been lucky to win twice but I'm still disappointed when I don't win. Keep trying and I enjoyed this so much, I'm sure I will do it again!

I printed and cut up all your wonderful comments and then put them in my patchwork Vicky basket (see previous post), then I shook them up and picked the three winners. They are Nancy from Flatrock Cabin, ledamewood, and Vivian. I did email the winners and I'm waiting for their email response. I need their snail mail addresses and fabric choices in rank order. First one in gets their first choice. Can't wait to get this on the way to you.

While I was waiting for the deadline to arrive, I was looking through other blogs. I do have other projects lined up but realize I could participate in the Fifteen Minute challenge to make fabric. You can more info at Looks like such fun. I pulled my scraps out, also in a Vicky basket, so I would remember to work on those when I have 15 minutes! And yes, the treadmill is down and I was on it for some time today. If only, my computer and sewing machine were powered by using the treadmill!

Waiting to pick the winner

As I'm patiently? waiting to pick the giveaway winners, I checked in with the Charming Girls' Quilt Club that I joined online. We had to post our goals and I realized that I had already met three of my goals. Of course they were the 3 easiest but anything counts, right? The goals I met were 1) organizing my selvages, 2) cleaning out my closet - hence the giveaway and 3) finishing the Maya wrap - just delivered it yesterday. Now on to the harder ones, making 4 quilts! Yikes. I best get busy.

But, while I continue to watch the clock, I do need to jump on the treadmill and do my weight workout. This will make Jody very happy.

Back later with the giveaway winners!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Giveaway deadline is approaching

Just wanted to do a quick post to invite anyone who hasn't commented already that they still have a chance to join the giveaway. Check my post from 7/21 to get the details and leave a comment. It will end at noon (eastern time) tomorrow (7/28). I am ending it then so I have a chance to get the fabric out right away if I can contact the winners quickly. I love getting prizes and will enjoy giving some to others.

No sewing today since I must get to making my August greeting cards. It is fast approaching. I don't want to post without a picture so I will try to find one that is fun.

As I went through my pictures I realized that I wanted to show you these baskets. My friend Vicky makes these in 3 sizes and also rugs and other goodies. I have them all over the house and use them for so many different things. Great for fabric. Right now my fat quarters are hiding there waiting to be sorted. You can check out her work at Fair warning, you can't have just one!

It is amazing...

what you can do if your fabric is cut out ahead of time. This is where the quilting fairies would come in handy! I cut out the three blocks last night and didn't get to sewing until 9:00 tonight but finished all three by 11:30. They went so smoothly since I didn't have to take time for quilting. The jelly roll sampler (middle block) is almost finished. I only have one more block to make and then I can put it together. I can't wait to see it.

It was a great day today with much lower humidity and cooler temperatures. I had the windows open all day and when I met some friends for lunch we sat outside! It was delightful. I know it is only temporary since I can feel the humidity returning but nice to have in any way we can get it.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ready to sew!

I was away yesterday and last night so no sewing occurred. When I got home today I was thrilled to be able to open the windows. We have had weeks of over 90 degree weather and as much as I don't like it I've had the AC on full time. (I know our friends in the south have no sympathy for us.) It rained today and lowered the temperature for a bit so I opened the windows! I will probably need to close them again tomorrow but at least for tonight, fresh air!!!

I have three blocks cut out and ready for sewing tomorrow. I have the jelly roll, my local quilt shop BOM and then my quilt group block. It will be so nice to get right to them tomorrow. I can convince myself that the quilting fairies came and cut them out for me!

Now I must go and actually unpack. I can't get the unpacking fairies to make a stop here.

Friday, July 23, 2010

One finished product - not a quilt

I finished the closet project and then had no time to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Busy for two days with other things so no sewing until tonight. I just finished a Maya wrap for a friend with a new baby. Lovely, soft fabric and now just have to deliver to the new mother.

Had a few minutes and time to look over some of the fabrics that I put together. I needed to choose some fabric for my quilt group project. And look what I found! Serendipity Sunflowers that I bought over two years ago. Lavender and sunflowers, I just love it. Can't wait to get started but not tonight. Busy tomorrow but ready for sewing fun on Sunday.

Love the responses I've gotten so far about the giveaway. If you haven't already entered, please check the post on 7/21 for more details.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm organized - time for a giveaway! Now ended and I'm off to pick the winner!

The job is mostly finished now and my closet is now oh, so organized! All the projects and like fabrics are in see-through boxes and I'm ready to go. It is still very crowded in there but now I can see what I have. I definitely have a color palette. Not into dark colors at all but love bright happy colors. I have a few projects to complete and now can work more easily on them. Love the Elfa shelving in my closet. I could still use more room on the bottom shelves but those boxes are from my past life as a teacher and I need to purge those at a later date. I should have enough fabric and projects to last several lifetimes!

Now for the giveaway. I have three sets of fabrics to give away. I'm so excited about this. Two chances to enter.
1 -Simply leave a comment - I love messages of any kind - for one chance.
2 - Become a follower or if you are a follower, then tell me you are in a comment. This is your second chance.

Giveaway will last until Wednesday, July 28 at noon EST.

Now for the prize. There are 3 packs of fabric in 3 different colorways. After I pick the winners, I'll send out emails to the winners. They will give me their choices in rank order. The prize will be determined by the order I get addresses back for mailing the prize. You get to pick but will get first choice only if your response is in first!

Choices are purple florals, red Sturbridge or tan Gobble, Gobble.

Good luck with the drawing!

Progress and a giveaway coming soon

I worked very hard yesterday on the re-organization of my sewing/fabric closet. Yes, I am lucky enough to have a whole closet in my sewing room that is mainly for fabric. I am feeling brave enough to post my before picture here because I know that I will be finished today with the organizing. As you can see, it was becoming a nightmare to find anything and to reach the back shelves. It is looking good and very organized with projects in their own see-through boxes.

I will finish today and then post more pictures... and a giveaway. I found some fabric and charm packs that just aren't going to make the cut. Please be sure to come back for the final view!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Aren't they charming?!!

Okay, so I do have a confession to make. On my way home from a weekend visit with friends I stopped at one of my favorite quilt shops and look what I found. Chester County Quilting in Phoenixville has the absolute best and largest selection of charm packs. And the best part is today was the last day of their Christmas in July sale! They just moved into a larger shop and it is delightful. Ramona Moreland, the owner, wasn't there today but she makes it a pleasure to visit the shop. So friendly and inviting. Check their website at I did buy some other fabric there but I can't show it since the fabric is being used in a quilt for someone who reads this blog.

The best part was running into two friends at the shop. They even helped me find some fabric. Oh, so nice to have helpful friends.
I did make some progress with my selvages. I found the cutest ones with special words but didn't organize by color yet. Gearing up for the closet cleanout starting tomorrow. I may even be brave enough to show a before picture!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hot, hot, hot!

Do you ever get the feeling that it will never be cool again? I think all of us in the east need to remember how cold and snowy our winter was and bask in the memories of that.

I'm visiting with friends right now so now sewing is being done. I did accomplish one "quilty" thing though. I have the Quilter's Travel Companion (great resource) but can't take it with me so I have torn out pages for the places I travel. Well, today, I tour out all the pages, three-hold punched them and put them in a notebook. So... now they are at the ready when I am traveling. As if I need another way to find places (aka quilt shops) where I can spend money.

Looking forward to my cleaning the closet challenge next week. I may even be brave enough to post a before picture. Keep watching!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

MIssion accomplished

The quilt is finished! I finished the quilting yesterday - simple stitch in the ditch - and then sewed on the binding. It is always surprising to me how long it takes to hand-stitch the binding. I do love to do that though, it seems so relaxing. While I was sewing I watched the movie, A Single Man, with Colin Firth. Very cerebral movie so it was good that I could concentrate while stitching.

I'm posting pictures of the back too. I love the panel I put on the back. The fabric was Deb Strain's Love U by Moda. So colorful and happy.

I decied to join the Charming Girls' Quilt Club online. One of the things I must do is post my goals for the next two months. Good to be held accountable. Here they are.

1 - Organize my selvages - May happen this weekend since I'm taking them with me when I visit friends.
2 - Clean out and organize my sewing closet. Hope that helps me to get my thoughts in gear for my next projects.
3 - Sew a Maya wrap for a new mom. They gave me the pattern and fabric, very simple but it keeps getting pushed aside by other to-dos.
4 - Make my friend's 60th birthday quilt. Her birthday is in September. I have some fabric and ideas but need to finalize.
5 - Make a wedding gift for my nephew and his soon to be wife. Wedding in September. How long do you have to give a wedding gift?
6 - Make 2 quilts for Christmas gifts. I've had the fabric and pattern for so long. The time is NOW!

Phew. I think I'm tired after writing that but good to see it in print.

Happy sewing!

Monday, July 12, 2010

We learn from our mistakes, or do we?

Okay, so I was getting some fabric cut to work on my BOM for a local quilt shop and my hand just happened to get in the way. I was holding the ruler as firmly as possible and oops! I cut my hand. I think it may be time to invest in one of those gadgets that hold the ruler in place. Perhaps a part of the problem is getting started at 10:30 at night. Really planned to get started sooner but other jobs got in the way.

I did take the process pledge and I think this is all part of the process, right?

Lesson learned - do not put your hand right in the line of cutting!

Hmmm, do I continue to work or just go to bed?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Giving a quilt again and again

Well, I gave the quilt for the first time today. I'm happy to say that Natalie really liked it and knows that she will get it back again when it is finished. I am struggling with whether I need to re-do the backing. Not sure I am happy with how it turned out but it would also mean undoing the quilting that I have already done. Shared my concerns with Natalie and others and they told me I was crazy. We'll see.

Not sharing the quilt again right now but I will share the cupcake tower we had at the shower. I was really pleased with it. The best part was when people thought I had bought the cupcakes. I loved it. I made chocolate with white icing and strawberry with strawberry icing. Color scheme was pink and yellow. She is having a girl!

Okay, so I thought I was going to be late for the Jelly Roll Sampler so I just worked on block #10. Imagine my surprise when I saw that I still have another week. Oh, well, at least that one is finished. It didn't turn out exactly as the directions and picture showed but after looking at the picture, I think I like it the way it is. No need to re-do. I only have one I think I may do over and that is the first one. I'm just so pleased that I have been keeping up with the block every two weeks. Usually I need a deadline to get anything done. Only two more to go so I should be thinking about how to put them together. Hmmm.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Almost made it

Well, it is on the table, pinned and ready for quilting. But I am taking pressure off myself and will give it to the mother-to-be almost finished. Isn't that how we give a quilt many times over? I just have too many more things to do to get ready for the shower and don't want to rush it. And then there is binding too. Luckily I will see her mother next weekend and can deliver it to her. I really don't like the "put it in the mail and take your chances way of delivering a quilt". It's all good.

Heading off to work in the gift shop at the Pearl Buck House in Hilltown, PA. I recently became a volunteer there. Still in training as a docent for the house tours. If you have never visited and toured the house, be sure to put it on your list. I went there for the first time in December and fell in love with it. She was an amazing woman and we are so lucky to have her home intact as a place to visit.

Happy Sewing everyone!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We meet again...

We had the second meeting of our small quilting group tonight. The show and tell was wonderful. Such talented people in our small group. Fran shared the first block that we are each going to make. It is a spinning hour glass with some partial seams. I think we started with the hardest one. Next month each of us will bring back our finished block. Can't wait to see what they all look like. As different as each of us.

We were discussing what kind of service project we could do throughout the year. We are a small group so we don't want to take on too big a project to start. Does anyone out there have any suggestions for us? We would love to hear your ideas.

The pictures that are displayed show

Dru's pinwheel sampler. She used Breath of Avignon and a gorgeous blue pindot fabric.
Lynn's block of the month quilt from a local shop. It almost looked like wool to us.
We had to include a patriotic mini-quilt.
Lynn's quilt for a graduate class. She designed the applique pattern herself.

Maybe at our next meeting we will finally agree on a name. Each of us is going to give it some thought in the next month.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Almost there

I just had to share how much I did get finished today. I only have to add the border for the top to be done. If only the back would piece itself and the quilting and binding would be done by the quilting fairies. Does anyone know where I can find some good ones?

While sewing I watched the movie, Calendar Girls, with Helen Mirren. I had seen it before but really enjoyed watching it again. Of course, I love almost anything with Dame Helen in it.

Enough for my break, now it is back to work!

Making progress

Good morning. I am happy to say that I made some progress yesterday on the baby quilt. The strip sets are together and cut, now I just have to sew them together. Should go quickly now. (Are they famous last words?) Here is the proof! Note a few projects on the floor under my cutting table.

Of course, when I got up I had to go online and check my emails, Facebook and most importantly, Love that site.

While I was checking I came across a blogiversary giveaway at Jo Avery from Edinburgh is celebrating one year of blogging and her new Etsy shop.
Be sure to go and visit her site. Darling items in her Etsy shop too.

Now, I need to get back to work. Have promised myself I will also get on the treadmill today. If only that was what powered my sewing machine, I would have more motivation.

Have a happy 5th of July.

Friday, July 2, 2010

It is a start...

I finally got to do some sewing tonight. After being out all day, I came home, ate dinner, read the paper, watered the flowers (we have not had any rain for days and days) and finally came to the sewing machine. I cut out and made the 9th block for the Jelly Roll Sampler. It was so easy and quick. If I had known I would have made it sooner. But here it is.

It is too late to start now, since I have to get up early tomorrow, but here is a preview of the fabric I'm going to use for the baby quilt. Shower is next Sunday so I'm now on a time crunch. It is Moda's Love U by Deb Strain.

I'm using a pattern for a jelly roll and will focus on the pink since the baby is a girl. Should be great fun to make.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Home again and still no sewing

How is it that time passes so quickly. Came home yesterday but was very tired after less than 2 hours sleep the night before. I flew from Atlanta to Harrisburg but flight was delayed leaving until 1:30 am due to thunderstorms. Got into the Harrisburg airport at 3:30! Luckily my good friends were willing to get up and come to pick me up.

Home today off and on but didn't get anything accomplished in the sewing department. Really need to start on my baby gift for next Sunday. Good thing that I work best under pressure. Maybe there will be pictures tomorrow.