Friday, July 19, 2013

The flags tell it all

I think we are experiencing the same heat that is taking over most of the country. Our climate is upside down and it is hotter here than it is in the south. Happy to have working AC this week!

I was looking at the garden flags I have out right now. The one above is so tempting and a wonderful activity on a summer's day. Unfortunately, it can only be a dream at the moment. The minute you walk out the door, you want to turn around and come back in. Hoping for a break this weekend.

The people who are lucky enough to be at the shore right now are enjoying a bit of a break. I think the temperatures there are a bit cooler. Sitting there by the water looks like it would be nice.

And one more thing... happy to share my bottle tree. Love the blue bottles and the black-eyed Susans together.

Hope you are somewhere a little cooler than it is here. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Finally, the post

I know the other members of the Good Enough Quilters are patiently waiting for this post. Really meant to get to it sooner but life got in the way. So, as I said, finally the post. 

This is a wonderful quilt that was given to Cindy. It is a quilt top but wonderfully vintage. We loved seeing a few of the places where the blocks were pieced together since they ran out of fabric. Simply beautiful!

 Now, after making a few changes to some of the blocks, here is our finished quilt top. We are donating it to the Peter Becker quilters who will finish it and then sell it. Can't wait to see it when they are finished with it.

We were really happy that Dru's sister, Deb, could join us for this meeting. And she always brings some of her work to share with us. This is a darling baby quilt she made. Such pretty soft colors and this one is finished.

This is the back of the quilt. Sorry it is not a bit closer.

Isn't this a fun pillow. Deb switches out the pillows on her sofa and I think these were the summer version. She said it was easy and the circles have rough edges. Love those colors.

And the hexies. Deb has over a hundred and only needs about 50 more for the quilt she wants to make. English paper piecing, I believe. Is that right, Deb?

I didn't have a finish but at least shared the blocks I have finished. Now they just need to be sewn together. Can't wait to see how they look.

My quilt pattern came from the book on the right. Love the patterns in this book. We were all wondering about Book One and guess what I found when I got home. That's right, Book One! I want to make them all. Where to find the time...

This is the back of Lynn's jelly roll race quilt. Great color. Goes well with the quilt you see below.

Here is Lynn's finished quilt. I'm afraid I didn't get a good closeup but after stitching in the ditch, Lynn did a squiggly line in the cent of each row. Looks great.

And especially for our four absent members, this is what you missed. It was a nice evening and we loved sitting outside and enjoying Dru's wonderful backyard patio. With fans blowing on the porch, it was a lovely evening all around.

We won't be meeting again until September so I'm hoping I will be posting a finish or two before then. And maybe even some random thoughts.

Hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful 4th of July.