Thursday, September 30, 2010

When you wake up too early...

Okay, so I could have slept until at least 8:00 this morning but woke up at 5:15 and started thinking so of course I couldn't go back to sleep. So, thinking of things you can do when you wake up too early.

1- Spend time reading other quilting blogs
2 - Go online and check your banking account - a good idea anyway.
3 - Finally respond to emails that have been sitting waiting for an answer
4 - Delete all those annoying emails you get that you just aren't going to read - you know, the commercial ones that you ordered from and now you are on their list. You can unsubscribe most of the time but that takes time too.
5 - Check out some online fabric stores - very dangerous but oh, so tempting and easy.
6 - Do the wash ( 3 loads so far this morning)
7 - Post on your own blog. You just don't want people to think you have disappeared.
8 - Watch, while on the computer, some of those programs you've recorded.
9 - Exercise - should have done this by now but the computer got in the way.

10 - Get off the computer and get dressed. You have other things to do!

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for the Fall into Fall Giveaway.

PS - Random picture at the top because I just needed a picture.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

And I saved so much money...

I had a wonderful time visiting the Pennington Quilt Works in Pennington, NJ. As I mentioned in my previous post, their shop is filled with so many bright, happy fabrics as well as more traditional fabrics. They have something for every taste. The best part is how bright the shop is with lots of windows. Such a cheery place to shop and  sew.

I did manage to exercise a bit of restraint and even put a few pieces back without buying. (Jiminy Cricket was on my shoulder.) The fabric lengths I bought are in the first picture. Sorry for the poor lighting in the picture. One fabric was only $3 a yard on sale. Can't beat that.  I also bought an Amy Butler ottoman pattern that I've seen before and a book about making fabric flowers. They look rather cute and versatile as well.

Wanted to share another find with you. The container in the picture is mainly intended for CD's but I discovered that it is a great container for fat quarters that are folded flat. It would be great to hold a project using fat 1/4's. If you look carefully you will get a hint of my Fall into Fall giveaway. More about that on October 1st.

Now I have the new fabric, the next step is to get back to sewing. Maybe tomorrow.

I forgot to share this...

I have been looking at this for over 2 weeks and as my birthday month winds down I just have to share it with you. I was lucky enough to get a postcard from Jill at Today I Saw. She has this wonderful project where she sends a postcard a day to a lucky recipient. I sent her my address and received mine in the mail right before my birthday. A great gift and surprise. You can see her daily postcards on her blog.

So much fun. I ordered a set of the blank postcards from her Etsy shop and plan to start sending them soon. I'm not a great artist but I might be able to do a line drawing. My kindergarten students thought I was a wonderful artist!

I'm participating in the Fall-into-Fall Giveaway so be sure to watch this spot for my giveaway announcement. It starts on October 1st.

Today I'm off to one of my favorite quilt shops. (Please don't tell my friends and family since they think I have way too much fabric already. We know that just isn't true, right?) I have a birthday discount and just can't waste it. I'll report back later on any purchases.

It is raining here so a good day for sewing. Have a happy one.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Check it out

Be sure to go and check out the Mary Engelbreit things on Cherry Chick blog. She was the winner in my birthday giveaway and always hosts M.E. Monday. Love seeing all the cute things and be sure to check her jewelry. So very Mary.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Back to the 60's

Happy Sunday everyone! I'm sorry to say there has been no sewing of any kind in my house all this week.
Just got home from a wonderful weekend with friends in VA and a trip into DC for the National Book Festival. It was great to be with so many people who were there to celebrate books. I had the chance to hear so many terrific authors. So much fun.

 My last finish was the birthday quilt for my friend who turned 60. Since she is the last one close in age to celebrate that milestone (I do have younger friends who have a way to go to get there.), I was thinking of all the other quilts I made for 60th birthdays and thought I could share them here. 

The quilts I have made are in various corners of the world - Okinawa, Connecticut, Washington State, Pittsburgh, PA and the blue bonnet quilt is in Austin, TX. All wonderful places to visit and I've been lucky enough to do just that. It was so much fun choosing the fabric and patterns to fit each person's likes and interests.

Now, one of these days I will get around to making a quilt just for me!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Finally a finish!

I am happy to say that I am ready to show you the secret quilt. I went to Harrisburg this weekend to celebrate my friend Carol's 60th birthday. She is the last one of our college group to enter the 60's and of course, she had to have a quilt in her honor.

I arrived on Sunday (Her real birthday was on Monday so I was in plenty of time.) and gave it to her almost as soon as I got there. I know you can all relate to the fact that I still had to hand finish the binding and I wanted to make sure there was time to do that. Luckily we were home the rest of the day and I sat and sewed. Does anyone else enjoy doing that as much as I do? It is just so relaxing. There was an additional surprise for Carol since another friend, Felicity, decided to come from Pittsburgh to surprise her. Needless to say, she was quite surprised!

It was a beautiful weekend and we went out to lunch on Monday and basically just hung out. Do so enjoy time spent with friends just hanging out.

So, here is the finished quilt. A bit scrappy in order to include things that Carol enjoys- birds, the beach, gardening, wine, sewing and on the binding, a little bit of dessert courtesy of Susan Branch.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Had to share this giveaway news

Just saw that Sarah at The Last Piece is having a giveaway of some of her brand new fabric. You could get it even before it's on sale in stores so go over there and check it out!

Good luck to you!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A finish - well, almost

My day at the View a few months ago
I was lucky enough to spend most of the day sewing and I am happy to say that the most recent quilt I'm making is finished, well, except for a few finishing touches. I can't post any pictures yet since I think the birthday girl reads my blog. I will be heading her way tomorrow so I will post pictures after I present it to her. I am very excited. I hope she likes it.

I was out early this morning to make a trip to the bank and the post office. As I was heading home, I passed a farmer's market that I didn't know was there. Seems that there is one every Saturday. Well, I had to check it out. Some produce, some jewelers and the Great Harvest Bread Company. Yummmmm. They give you samples and I have never seen such generous pieces. I had to buy some - it was so delicious. And I also bought some wine from a local winery. Well worth the stop.

Since I think all posts need a picture and the quilt is not available, I went back into my pictures and shared the one from my day at the View. It was really fun and quite interesting.

I finally figured out my problem with links. I was using a different editor and just saw the newer one will work. I was just about ready to lose sleep over this so I'm so glad I solved the mystery. More links in the future.

Must get back to my sewing now. I only earned a short break!

Friday, September 17, 2010

I have a winner!

Let me start by saying that I do wish everyone who entered could have won. I know how disappointing it is to throw your name (or comment) into the pot and then not be picked. Oh, darn.

I printed and then cut up all the comments and put them in a basket - a quilty one, of course! A friend was here visiting so I had her pick the winner. And the winner was Vicki from Cherry Chick. I'm going to attempt to add her link one more time. Ironically, she was the one who inspired me to do a Mary Engelbreit giveaway so it seems like it was meant to be. She has already sent me her address so the prizes will be in the mail tomorrow. Stay tuned for the next giveaway. You never know when they will pop up.

You can check her blog at

I had several comments who tried to help me post links so hopefully this will work.

I had a wonderful dinner at a new restaurant tonight. If you're in the North Wales, PA area do stop and check it out. They are located in the Redner's Shopping Center in North Wales. They are 63 Bistro and the food is fabulous!!!

Friday Pretties

It is 4:24 am and I can't get back to sleep. I've been awake since 3:30. The nice thing is I can always visit blogs and find that someone else must be awake too since they just posted on their blog. Of course I know that some of you are on the other side of the world and therefore it is not very early in the morning for you. Still comforting, no matter what.

I was just going through some blogs and realized it is time for Friday Pretties. I am going to look through my pictures to see what I can find.

And boy, are these some random photos.
The first is a quilt I made for my sister which also happened to be the very first quilt I made. It was a sampler class and when finished, the teacher told us we could make anything after that.

Second picture is my hotel room in Paris. I went there the spring after I retired. I can't believe it was almost 4 years ago. The room was tiny but I loved the red walls. It was so French.

Last picture was taken in Frenchtown, NJ on Bastille Day a few years ago. Just love sunflowers!

Almost forgot, you can see other Friday Pretties if you go to Joyce's blog, I Love Pretty Little Things.

(Note to self - must figure out how to post links in my blog. Maybe I'll do that now.)

Hope I can go back to sleep soon. Have to pick my giveaway winners in a few hours.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A lovely surprise

I got a lovely surprise from Wendy at Why-knot-kwilt. She sent me the Sunshine Award and I am to pass it on to 12 other favorite bloggers. The really hard part about this is picking only 12. That could be a real problem. I know that as soon as I pick 12 I will realize that I missed someone. But I will give it a try.

The other tricky part is providing the link. I'm not quite sure how to do that so may just have to give the web address for each. Please go and visit them when you read this. I will let them know I chose them.

The list...

1 - Alderwood Quilts

2 - A Delightsome Life

3 - A Legacy of Stitches

4 - Blogging Near Philadlephia

5 - Cherry Chick

6 - That Dorky Homemade Look

7 - Fiberdoodles and Whimsy

8 - Greetings from Geralyn

9 - I Love Pretty Little Things

10 - Irish Muses

11 - Sewn With Grace

12 - Under the Evening Star

And of course, a special mention again of Why Knot?

She is having a giveaway so please go and check out her blog.

And as promised, a little completed sewing. I finished the block for my block of the month.

Also, don't forget, my giveaway closes at noon (EST) on Friday. Hope you sign in for a chance to win.

Don't forget to enter!

Just wanted to do a quick post to remind you to enter my Birthday Giveaway. You can find it at the post that says Birthday Giveaway. I want to make sure everyone has a chance.

Will post again later because I have an award to be thankful for and awards to give! And yes, I can even post some sewing.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Banner Day!

Thanks to all for the birthday wishes. It has been a wonderful day. Beautiful weather (good hair day, too), time with friends and on my 61st birthday (today) I got my 61st follower. Is that some kind of karma, do you think?

I was at school subbing today and for the first time in 5 years, since I retired, a class of first graders sang Happy Birthday to me. Nothing beats that.

No pictures from this year's birthday so I'm posting a few more from last year. Another cake and also the restaurant where I had birthday breakfast. They let you put your handprint on the wall and sign your name. What a fun place. And I got complimentary chocolate cake for breakfast. No better way to start the next 60 years!

Don't forget to sign up for the Birthday Giveaway!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just a quick post!

I wanted to do a quick post tonight to share the special gift my sister made for me last year. After sharing items on the M.E. blog I had to share this. She took a box, painted it black, glued pages from the ME page-a-day calendar, and then covered the whole thing with Mod-Podge. It is the most awesome box. She chose sayings that she knew I would like or those that she thought really fit me. She was saving and planning for awhile and even tore the September 15 page off a little early so she could finish it before my birthday. Since I am a birthday "nut" the Shout it from the Rooftops sentiment really fits. I love birthdays.
Notice that she also included a few that had quilts and sewing in it. I am still in awe of the work she did on this gift.

See other M.E. goodies at Cherry Chick's blog.

I think she would agree that we can thank our mom for that. Birthdays were a big thing in our house and we always had 2 parties - one for the kids and one for the relatives. I never gave up on all those celebrations and I'm lucky to have friends who help me celebrate each year.

If you haven't already, be sure to go to the Birthday Giveaway post. I love giving out prizes. Now I'm off to cut out a block and maybe even sew a bit tonight!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Another giveaway

After you have entered the giveaway on my blog, be sure to check out the giveaway on Lana's blog -

Don't you just love prizes!

I just got some books in the mail today from Dawn at Spring Water Designs. I won her summer reading giveaway. So much fun to win.

I did get to sew today but can't share the pictures because someone might be reading this post. I will share after the gift is given.

And tomorrow I will be back to share a special gift my sister made for me last year. She is so very clever.

***Picture - had to put something in there. Chose the sunset on Sanibel Island last January. Fitting since the day is over and I'm going to bed. More tomorrow.

You have to see this!

I just found my way to a blog that you just have to see. And how did I find that. I wish I knew. It is just like the book, If you Give a Mouse a Cookie... Click on this which leads you to this and then to this and this and this. I posted about my birthday Giveaway and then found a blog that posts Mary Engelbreit pictures on M.E. Monday. I added my link since my giveaway is all M.E. items and saw some great pictures.

Go and check it out today for more wonderful M.E. inspired posts!

And if you haven't done so, be sure to go to my birthday giveaway post and enter.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Birthday Giveaway

My birthday is coming on Wednesday and since I love birthdays and celebrate all month long, I thought I should have a giveaway.

I went searching in my gift closet and found these Mary Engelbreit (don't you just love her!) items. Her book, Crafts to Celebrate the Season, along with a few other ME items. Notecards, journal, tablets and yes, a very fat quarter of some vintage ME fabric.

This giveaway starts today and will last until Friday, September 17 at noon(EST). That way I can get it in the mail to the winner by Friday afternoon.

You have 3 chances to enter.

1) Leave a comment ( I love comments so this is like a birthday present to me) and maybe, if you can, tell your favorite birthday memory.

2) Become a follower (another gift for me since I love followers too.) or if you already are, and I thank you, then just tell me you already follow my blog.

3) I've seen others do this so if you blog about my birthday giveaway, then just let me know. Who knows who might join us because of that!

Be sure to leave a comment for each entry.

Good luck to all. And whenever your birthday might be, I hope it is a happy one!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Pretties

Good morning! On this very pretty day that feels a little like fall I went back to last September to find pictures for this Friday's pretties.

I found a lovely fall mantel at a tearoom I visited, my birthday flowers and cake from last year's BIG birthday. 60 was a good one and now I'm approaching and looking forward to 61.

Hmmm, perhaps I need a birthday giveaway. Have to look around!

Have a good day, everyone. I hope mine has some sewing in it.

What a difference... and some goals.

Oh my goodness. What a lovely day it was today. The temperature did not go above 70 today and it was delightful. I had my windows opened but then had to close them because it was too cool. It definitely felt like fall was in the air. I know it will get warm again but soon it won't and we'll get out the sweaters and jackets. I think I'm ready for that. Best thing was no humidity and a good hair day!

Today was a catchup day for me but unfortunately that didn't involve any sewing. It is in my plan for tomorrow.

I realized it is September 10 and I haven't posted my September/October goals for the Charming Girls Quilt Club so here goes...

1) Sew a baby gift - can't say what since someone reads this and I want it to be a surprise.

2) Make a birthday quilt for a 60th birthday. Can't show fabric because that same someone may read it. She knows about the quilt because she is the younger friend.

3) Make that wedding quilt. Everything is cut out but it moved down the list.

4) Sew 2 quilts for Christmas.

5) Get three finished tops quilted - by me or someone else.

I'm going to keep the pressure off myself and keep it to only 5 goals. Hopefully by the end of October, all this will be done.

Now if you read all the way to the end of this post you will get the explanation of the picture. This was the rug in my hotel room and every time I looked down I saw pinwheels. Can you see them? I promise next time I will find a prettier picture to share with you. I do see quilt patterns now in everything I look at.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A wonderful weekend!

This was a very special weekend for our family. I was in Evanston, IL to celebrate my nephew's wedding to a wonderful woman. They had an outdoor wedding and the weather cooperated to make a perfect day. There were a few spritzes of rain during the ceremony. The string quartet moved a bit closer to the tree for some shelter but it stopped right away. We thought of it as a blessing from Heaven.

The reception was also outdoors and the weather helped that part of the wedding too. A slight breeze and a little bit of sun. The setting was lovely. I do think Martha Stewart would have approved. Children running in the grass, lovely tables, wonderful food and so many people who were thrilled and happy for the new family.

Now it is back to reality for me. I subbed at school today, had a meeting tonight and then home. Just sent some pictures out and now to bed. Hope to have some sewing to report on tomorrow!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Pretties

In honor of the hurricane that didn't come I thought I would post pictures from the stormy September last year at the beach. Most days were not beach days but it was fun to watch the roiling seas in the beginning of the week.

And later in the week, the sky turned blue and calm ensued.

Go and visit I Love Pretty Little Things to see more Friday Pretties.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Charming Girls - updated goals

I was just perusing the web and I thought, now that it is September, I should update my goals. It is always nice to cross things off your list.

So, here goes -

1 - Organize my selvages - May happen this weekend since I'm taking them with me when I visit friends. Finished!

2 - Clean out and organize my sewing closet. Hope that helps me to get my thoughts in gear for my next projects. Complete, now to keep it that way! And here's the picture of some magazines I gave away at our meeting last night to prove it.

3 - Sew a Maya wrap for a new mom. They gave me the pattern and fabric, very simple but it keeps getting pushed aside by other to-dos. - Did this too.

And the rest, sad to say, is not finished. But it will move to the top of the list!

4 - Make my friend's 60th birthday quilt. Her birthday is in September. I have some fabric and ideas but need to finalize.
5 - Make a wedding gift for my nephew and his soon to be wife. Wedding in September. How long do you have to give a wedding gift?
6 - Make 2 quilts for Christmas gifts. I've had the fabric and pattern for so long. The time is NOW!

Just thought I would close with a view outside my window!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The old and the new

Our little quilting group met tonight and once again really enjoyed getting together and talking about quilts and life. Always amazing when you sit back and see where little tidbits of conversation wind their way around and back to the topic.

Once again we all shared the block we made for tonight. It was fun to see that Laura used fabric that I had given away at our last meeting. And of course, they all looked just a bit different. So fun to see how the block looks when made with other fabric.

We really enjoyed seeing some of the old quilts that people had brought to share. We never cease to find interesting things to share with each other.

Dru had some family quilts that have been around for years. Unfortunately, there wasn't a label to tell who made it. It is so good to see how well they have stood the test of time too.

alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5512144575456347298" />

Lynn shared a few more of her wonderful quilts. We all were intrigued how she made the house quilt when they moved from California - their blue house, one heart for each of them and trees circling the quilt to represent the trees around their house. The four corners each represent their ancestry. So clever.

Cindy shared a few more vintage quilts. We all liked the one that was made of churn dash blocks that had been made years ago and then donated to a quilting group. So much fun to see the old quilts that we can appreciate even more now.

Laura brought a few quilts that she had made over the years. The Bargello quilt she showed us was made by her daughter when she was 17. (Did I remember that right, Laura?) I am so in awe of the talent shown by everyone in our group.

The new was supplied by Fran and me. Fran shared the fabric she plans to use in a baby quilt she will make in the next week or so. I showed my latest online fabric purchase. Just love the sewing theme fabric. Both have patterns just like the ones I've been tangling with in the last few days.

We also learned a new skill tonight. Lynn's block used paper piecing and she demonstrated for us on Dru's sewing machine. We all agreed that it would be a good idea to make this one right away so we wouldn't forget. I'm hoping to get to mine in a few days if not before.

There are so many more pictures I could share but my space is running out. Still learning how to place the pictures correctly in the blog. As they say, "Be patient, God isn't finished with me yet." Always something new to learn.

My head is full of quilting and it feels so good. Lots of colors and patterns dancing in my head. Should be a colorful sleep tonight.