Friday, February 4, 2011

A finish!!!

 I love to check things off my list and I did that today. I finally finished the quilt that I started over a year ago for a friend's birthday. I am very happy to get this done. I finished the binding tonight. This was the one I considered just bringing the binding forward and turn it over but I decided to put on regular binding. What was most surprising to me was how long it takes to hand sew the binding. I figure it was 4-5 hours total time. I do love doing that hand sewing and it is a good thing.

 For the backing I used some large fabric so there was no cutting or piecing it together. I found this in Lancaster and really liked the way it coordinated with the fabric on the front.

And here it is. It measures 56 x 66. I am really happy with it and can't wait to give it to the birthday girl. She has really waited long enough.

My new plan is to finish one at a time. That doesn't count the BOM's that I am doing. My next finish will be the wedding quilt. I just hope it can get quilted quickly so my gift isn't into the next century. 


  1. It's a beautiful quilt and I know your friend will love it! And hand binding does take time - I figure I can do one that size in a couple of hours with no major distractions, so it's perfect for an evening of "watching" tv! And it gives me one last time to enjoy the quilt before it goes to its new home....

  2. The quilt is beautiful. I too am like to check things off the list. It gives one a feeling of accomplishment.

  3. What a very lovely quilt for your friend