Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oh, what a day!

The weathermen told us to expect warmer temps today and they were right. It was a sunny day and about 57 degrees. Tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer and about 67. Spring is definitely in the air. I even saw the geese flying north. It is always amazing to see the unmistakable V formation.
Since my house gets the afternoon sun and the snow is slowly dissipating, this morning I noticed my daffodils beginning to poke up. Before long, they will be in full bloom. It is beginning to look like the groundhog may have been right.

 Since I don't feel like waiting for the real flowers, I have these little flowers in my house. I love the simplicity of them.

And then, I made a quick trip to buy some black fabric for the Asian quilt and look what I found. I thought the greens just shouted spring. And then there is that buying fabric now before the price goes up.

I hope that spring is beginning to make its way to your area, wherever that may be. 


  1. Those greens really do shout spring!

  2. I love all the green fabrics...gorgeous!