Monday, January 31, 2011

It's all away!

I just finished putting away the last of Christmas and the snowmen too. This means that I can't be held responsible for the monster storm that is headed our way. The worst part of this one is the prediction of freezing rain. Never a fun thing to drive in.

This little guy was left out because he has the question of the day. I think everyone is asking this now and hoping for "soon" as the answer. 

I have cancelled my plans for breakfast out and have started my to-do list for the day. As I've said before, I love to make a list and then check things off.

2-Making birthday cards
3-Decorate for Valentine's Day

And then there is the sub-list for sewing and at the top is laying out the wedding quilt. Now that my tree is away, the living room floor has more space to lay out a quilt. (Must put a design wall on my list, bigger than what I have cooked up).

I leave you with a picture of some silk flowers I bought in Hawaii. I love how they look in the vase that Candy gave each of us on our vacation. She made them for us and they are so lovely.


  1. I am waving my imaginary white flag- I have surrendered to the snow. I give up!! But, at least, I'm getting to sew quite a bit!!

  2. Way to early to put away the snowmen!!! =)

  3. I'm always a bit depressed when I have to put away the last of the xmas decorations. I love the holidays.