Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine flowers with a twist

These flowers were sent to a friend of mine by her husband. I know, they are not the usual pink, red combo for the holiday but these are even better. First of all, I love the blue but her husband wished her a happy pitchers and catchers report day! She is a huge fan of the New York Yankees so he used the blue and white in his flower choice. Isn't that great!? 

I'm starting a new project tonight. These are the blocks for an Asian disappearing nine-patch. I'm making this for the mother of a friend of mine. She had a fall and quite an adventure in Tokyo so I thought she deserved an Asian quilt. I gave my friend an Asian quilt for her 60th birthday and her mother really liked it. Now she will have her own and believe me, she has more than earned it!

For those of you who weighed in to what happened in 1988 and why did my class make a colonial quilt? The consensus is that the school was celebrating the bicentennial of the signing of the Constitution. And since I have no other idea, I'm going with that. 

And one final thought for the day, they are saying the price of cotton is really going up! Could those of us with a huge stash really be ahead of the game? Do we need any other rationalization for buying fabric now?


  1. any reason to buy fabric sounds like a good one to me!
    I, too, will be making a quilt with my collection of japanese fabric. I have been adding to it for some 10 years now! I plan on making blocks in the asian ginger jar block design and also paper lanterns
    happy quilting!

  2. I only started quilting in August last year so have been buying fabric on "sale" since January. I really hope it isn't going up too much or I will never have a stash!! Linda

  3. Love those pretty Asian fabrics. I try to stock up on Sale Fabric, and will continue to do so.

  4. Price of cotton going up? Boy do I feel like a savvy investor! Heehee.