Monday, February 14, 2011

I thought it was safe...

I went to my Quilt Guild meeting tonight. Usually it only costs me a dollar or two to enter the raffle, etc. Well, tonight, there was a woman there who had closed her quilt shop and she was selling fabric for $2.50 a yard. Who can pass that up?!! I only bought two pieces and spent about $13.00. I did put one piece of fabric back, even though I really liked it. Aren't you proud of me?

Our speaker tonight was Terry Kramzar. She is a fiber artist and shared some amazing quilts with us. Her sunflowers were absolutely life-like. She shared her adventures as an artist-in-residence in the Everglades and at the Grand Canyon. She had some amazing adventures. Each of these residencies resulted in a quilt.

Now, as my friends and family know, I think that if you start a collection or a craft, you should have all your supplies and/or much of a collection, right away. (Right, Carol?) Well, one of my other crafts is stamping and making cards and scrapbooks. Well, today, the two crafts collided when I got my latest Stampin' Up order. Can you believe how cute these stamps are and they now have fabric to add to that stash? Yikes. Looking forward to creating something with this.

We had a bit of a warmup today and I finally took my Christmas lights off the bushes. Finally. They were even starting to get to me. And I raked up a few leaves that were gathered around my front door. Of course, now there are more there because the wind blew them there. Oh, well. 

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  1. I love the stamps. I have a bunch of Stampin' Up stuff, LOVE IT!!