Sunday, February 24, 2013

Going on record

Okay, I have to admit that this quilt is still in the exact same spot. I do my best work under pressure but haven't felt that yet. It is starting. My deadline is March 6th which is fast approaching. Today is the day to continue the process. I have started the pinning and have time today, once I get off the computer, to keep going. I hope to finish by the middle of this week.

So, I didn't get my wished-for snow day, but Oscar day seems to fit. I am ready to start watching ALL the Oscar coverage at 4:30 so pinning and sewing seems to be a good activity while Oscar watching. The second choice would be eating and that is never a good thing.

Do you watch the Oscars? I have watched the Oscars every year since I was about 7-8. Our mom would make us take a nap in the afternoon and then we were allowed to stay up for the whole show. We didn't go to the movies that often but I always loved the glamour and style, or lack of it, on display.

In preparation, yesterday I watched Argo and Beasts of the Southern Wild On Demand. Both were really good. I'm glad I don't have to make the final decision. Being nominated does mean something.

Have a great night! Enjoy the show. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

More than Good Enough...

Tonight was the meeting of the Good Enough Quilters and boy, what a night. There were so many things to share and all very impressive. The quilt above was for Laura's new grandson. I had shared a quilt she made earlier when they expected a baby girl and then Hunter was born! Don't you just love the new quilt. The green fabric with monkeys is the backing she used. 

 Cindy surprised everyone with her 1/2 yard challenge quilt. Don't you just love it. Such great colors and love the way they work together.

 Another bright and happy quilt from Fran. This is a small quilt she made for a class she is taking - making one small quilt a month. The class sounds great since they also give directions for a larger version of the same quilt.

 It was great to have Deb, Dru's sister, with us tonight. She brought lots of quilts from her home in Massachusetts. This one belongs to her grandson. Deb cut out the small blocks from a panel she bought. Look closely at the back below. The quilter did a great job with quilting the alphabet into the quilt!

Deb's other quilt was a wonky block. I'm afraid the colors don't show well in this picture but they were wonderful spring colors.

Deb is trying her hand at English paper piecing. The little box below was made with this technique. She said English paper piecing is all handwork, no sewing machine.

 This block was also made using the same technique. This was a wonderful surprise for Dru and does match the colors in Dru's sewing room. What a thoughtful gift.

As we moved around the room, Dru was next. Don't you love her shamrock door quilt. She got some of her green pieces from Lynn and Peggy. We didn't count but she is closing in on forty shades of green!

Debbie brought a finish from another group sewing project. This was her jelly roll quilt, which was pretty as is but then she added the ocean appliques. They make the quilt even better than it was before. She had planned this from the beginning so chose her colors to reflect an ocean theme.

 Lynn was just coming off a weekend visit from her sisters from California. They call this weekend Quilt Fest and they always have special gifts for each other. The lunch bag below was one of those gifts. Lynn brought it complete with her lunch containers in it. She didn't waste any time in putting it to good use.

These felted wool slippers were another one of the gifts. Aren't they just too cute. As they were being passed around it seemed that everyone wanted their own pair. Everyone takes their shoes off to sew. I think I may be the odd man out since I wear shoes all the time. What is your preferred footwear when sewing?

Lynn also shared her messenger bag. I think this was another gift but not really sure.

This is Lynn's 1/2 yard challenge quilt. That is number two top already finished. Wonder if the other 6 of us will make the April deadline. I'm just glad I wasn't alone.

Lynn shared another finished top. Everyone looked a little closer to make sure she hadn't sewn that black and white sashing. It was the print of the fabric.

And we finally got to Peggy's share. She brought her laid out 1/2 yard challenge quilt. It stayed in place on the flannel backed tablecloth. She is trying to choose a border to finish it off. We all still love her French Provincial blue and yellow. Can't wait to see this finished.

It was great to have our member in absentia with us tonight. Deb, I hope you had a good drive home, with no snow along the way. 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The day after...

I woke up this morning expecting/hoping to see lots of snow outside. And as you can see, it really wasn't bad. I would say we only got about 2 inches which made it very pretty but not the snow day I was expecting. I used a broom on the sidewalk and then my neighbor was nice enough to shovel the shared driveway. By the afternoon, the driveway and the road were bone dry. That sun is so strong that it clears very quickly.

I'm sorry to say my relatives and friends in New England were not as lucky. These pictures were sent from two different places in CT. A little digging out to do.

                                  Drifts at the window.

                                There are cars in there somewhere.

                     A path plowed for the dog...

                   Picture perfect.

And no, this isn't New England. This shows the power of the sun here today. By later in the afternoon, there were brown spots where the snow had melted and ground was showing through.

Oh, and quilting, I did start pinning my quilt sandwich too. More time to work on that tomorrow.

I hope wherever you are, you are safe and warm. 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Hunkered down

Here in the northeast we are expecting a big snow and I'm hunkered down. I did go and get the essentials - ice cream and cookie mix. Never understood going for bread and milk! Now home for the duration and waiting for whatever comes. Can't wait to see beauty of the snowfall.

As you can see, I have my work cut out for me. The quilt top is set up and ready to be pinned. We all know how hard this part is. Just not as exciting as piecing with the pretty fabric. Wish me luck.

If you live in the northeast, stay safe and enjoy the snow. What project will you work on? 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Seasons of the heart

I hope you can see what I see in this picture. About a week ago, a friend was visiting and I stood at the door as the car pulled away. I had to run and grab my camera to take a picture of what was left. Somehow, cars pulling in and out left two hearts side by side carved in the snow. Don't you just love it. If I hadn't already decorated the house for February I would have seen that as a sign to get busy setting up for this season of hearts.

Come inside and view the house that just finished with Christmas and is now ready to celebrate the sweetest holiday. When I was teaching, it always amazed me how many holidays are in the short month of February - Black History Month, President's Day, Groundhog Day as well as Valentine's Day.

This funky heart hangs very prominently on the mantel.  It will stay long past Valentine's Day.

I hope you can look closely and see the mini garlands that hang in each pane. I was very pleased with the way I found a way to hang them. The window hangs year round to keep spring alive.

And you can't forget the bows as well as things to hang from the shutters.

The tier with multiple hearts and a red felt tree and the mini-calendar needs to be changed for February. It was too cute to pass up on etsy. The snowman is filled with coarse salt. He can be refilled through his nose. Very accommodating.

And finally the year-round tree. I think I got the hearts on it just in time. Soon it will change to St. Patrick's/Easter/Spring tree. This tree appeared and stayed the first year I bought it. I couldn't take it down since there was no where to store it.

I hope  you have the sweetest month!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Something new to try

Happy February! I heard someone mention today that it was fff - First Friday in February. So happy fff to everyone. Finding it a little hard to believe it is February already but it sure feels like winter outside today. About 27 degrees and very windy, which makes it even worse. It was good to get home tonight and be in the warmth. Snow may be coming tomorrow night but not sure how much.

Now for the new thing to try - a month or two ago I was contacted by a rep from Fons and Porter. He sent me an ebook to look at and also share with others. It contains some great patterns to try and I haven't had the chance to actually try the patterns but want to share with you. They do look really good.
You can get the book at this link. Log Cabin Quilts. I would love to hear back if you try any of the patterns and I'm sure they would like to hear back from you too. I love Log Cabin quilts and do look forward to trying these patterns.

Happy February. It is a short month so hope you get to some serious quilting.