Saturday, February 12, 2011

Back to the beginning.

I took quilting lessons when I retired from teaching 5 years ago. I had sewn since junior high but only clothes. I thought that the quilt I made in that class was my first quilt but I was wrong. 

In 1988 I was teaching first grade and the whole school had to make a colonial project. I decided to have the children draw on fabric blocks. I ironed over the coloring to make it permanent and then put them together into a QUILT! My very first. We hung the quilt outside our room during the celebration. 

The children were a little disappointed when I didn't let them take it home. No way to parcel this one out and so I kept it for me. So glad I did since I do enjoy this one every day. It is on the arm of the chair I sit in and when I look at it I can remember the children who made it. 

My one problem is trying to figure out why we were doing a schoolwide colonial celebration in 1988. Can anyone think of anything? 


  1. Well if you were in Australia it was celebrating 200 years of European settlement.
    But I know you weren't so good luck finding out!

  2. When did we celebrate the bicentenntial of the Statue of Liberty?

  3. The Constitution went into effect in 1788- maybe that's why you were celebrating in 1988!

  4. This is a wonderful idea, I love it, especially as a soon-to-be teacher. Thanks for the inspiration! :)