Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's finished! Well, almost...

I got the quilt back today from the quilters and it looks great! As always they did a wonderful job and now all I have to do is put on the binding. It is always amazing to see how different it looks once it is quilted. It just gives so much more depth to the quilt itself.

These presented a challenge since there was so much white but they underlined the word and stitched around the edges. 

The border will look different once this is washed and marks are gone. 

I just love the look and can't wait to finish and send it on its way!

As most of the east coast, it was very hot today. I was subbing in first grade and even had to go outside for recess duty. A sure indication of just how hot it is - most of the first graders were hanging out in the shade. It was almost funny to see them reacting to the heat this way.


  1. Wonderful quilt and I love the quilting, really beautiful work.
    We had a bit of a breeze, so it wasn't too bad here.


  2. What a great quilt!

    I can handle the heat just fine, but these storms have to go! They are saying another round of thunderstorms today. I sure hope the weather settles down to "normal" soon!