Thursday, June 2, 2011

A pretty picture

No, it is not a finished quilt. I will get to that. It is an open window after three days of breathtakingly hot weather. And not breathtaking in a good way. I know that other places have had horridly bad weather and not meaning to complain but it was dreadfully hot here the first part of the week. I was subbing for two days and came home totally drained. I salute all those teachers and children in un-air-conditioned buildings who are nevertheless continuing to work hard as the school year ends.

Anyway, I digress. I'm just posting this in thanks for the absolutely gorgeous day we are having. If I was  able to stay home it would be a lovely day to sew but I'm on my way to a retirement celebration. Maybe later. 

I hope your weather today is beautiful and you can enjoy some delightful fresh air in your house. 

Take care.



  1. It does feel wonderful with that breeze! Enjoy!

  2. After the tornadoes and severe thunderstorms here yesterday, today is a BEAUTIFUL day!!