Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Quick update on the shoe!

I'm happy to say the plan worked. I told all of you and within two hours of posting, I found my shoe. Kept thinking about it and realized that I had thrown laundry on the floor as I unpacked. When I picked all that up, I also picked up my shoe. So relieved I found it and so glad it didn't get washed!

I got the quilt marked and will deliver it again tomorrow. Just can't wait to get it back and on its way.

I was reading a post recently and someone mentioned a bottle tree. I am collecting blue bottles and wish I could have a bottle tree but there is no room here for that. I have to be content with enjoying them in my windows. But, I did want to share this picture. Saw this house on a trip to Seattle. Had to pass this house a few times in order to keep enjoying it.

On the same ride we saw these two houses. They were unbelievable. I may have posted this picture before but I still find it incredible. Can't even imagine the work involved. Just love the Pacific Northwest!

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  1. I know where that house is! How funny, hope you enjoyed your trip.