Sunday, May 8, 2011

What a lovely surprise!

I was away this weekend and finally delivered the baby quilt. I was so happy to get this to the new mom and dad and the baby. And I didn't have to put it in the mail and cross my fingers! Love the personal delivery option.

As I was heading to the front door when I got home, I was delighted to see these plants in bloom. I still don't know what they are but love the flower and the color. As you can see the azaleas are just about ready to pop too. I love the rolling greening and flowering in spring. When one is finished, another one pops up to take its place.

Even with the awful soil and the fact that I haven't done anything to clean up the garden, the columbine also came up. I love this flower. It is so delicate and pretty. I don't even remember when I planted them but they have returned for the last couple of years. 

Now that the baby quilt is finished I really need to get back to the other list. That is, after I mark a quilt tonight. This is the wedding quilt and the quilters are almost ready to start but I need to mark the border. Oops! 

A few items on my list for sure. 
1 - Clean - my house has the I need to get this quilt finished and have no time to do anything else! Especially cleaning. 

2 - Put Easter away.  I know the holiday lasts but I think it is time for the eggs, bunnies and chicks to make room for other decorations. 

3 - Switch the rest of my clothes. I have a few spring clothes out but I think now it is safe to get out the rest. Can't even bear to look at dark colored clothes right now. 

4 - Start work on the next wedding quilt. I think I have all the fabric now but have to choose a pattern - so many to choose from. 

I hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day. 

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