Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lovely progress and I missed the meeting

After getting my new tires (after a 2 1/2 hour wait- who knew it took that long?), I made my stops and then spent the rest of the day sewing on the baby quilt. I just finished machine sewing the binding on and will finish the hand sewing at a meeting tomorrow night. I have to work all day so no sewing during the day.

I had to show you these cute little boxes I found at MIchael's. Love anything Mary Engelbreit but loved that these are tissue boxes! Won't they be the happiest little thing to keep in the car? I had to hold myself back from buying all they had.

In order to keep sewing today, I had to miss my quilt group meeting tonight. Hated to miss that but happy to have so much sewing done. Fran was good enough to send me pictures that she took at the meeting so I can share them with you here.

Cindy shared a block from the wedding quilt she is making for her son and his wife. Love the black sashing and variety of sizes. Bright and black looks so good. 

The blocks from this past month. Hmm, I know mine is missing but who else didn't finish?

Our block for next month. Fran did these in several colorways. Love them all. 

Cindy shared this one for those who want to work ahead. I think I did this one?

So sorry I missed the showing of Laura's quilt for her mom. You saw a closeup of a few of these blocks a few months ago. Simply lovely!

I'm so glad I could attend vicariously. I will definitely have a finished quilt to show you tomorrow! Stay tuned. 


  1. Wow! That was quick! I just decided to check in and there are all the pictures already. We missed you! But it sounds like you made a productive decision. I'll see you at work tomorrow...and thank you so much for the pretty birthday card! :)

  2. Thanks for posting the pictures Nancy. We missed you. I too want to thank you for my birthday card and Happy Birthday Lynn!