Saturday, May 21, 2011

Taste of the World

I attended the Taste of the World fundraiser last night which was held at the Pearl Buck House in Bucks County, PA. The event was wonderful with delicious food prepared by about 17 different restaurants and caterers. As I heard one person mention, all you had to do was walk around and sample. No one was watching and you could eat all you wanted. 

For those in the Northeast one of the vendors was Wegman's and they had two tables filled with cheeses and all kinds of olives, artichokes, etc. Sadly, I got to this table last and was too full to sample very  much. I did find out that they have baked parmesan crackers. Luckily, there is a Wegman's in our area. But also luckily, it is not too close to here. 

It was a rainy week here this week, that is an understatement, and yesterday was no exception. We dodged the rain as we were setting up in the tent but for the most part, it had stopped by the evening. This is a picture of Pearl Buck's home at dusk. It is a beautiful home any time of day. 

 They used yellow roses on the tables and I brought some of them home. Not sure if my picture does this one justice but it was simply perfect. Carol, I wish I could have given them to you.

Getting ready for the wedding and putting the final touches on the "outfit." On Monday I'm taking my sewing machine in for service. Sigh. But look for the giveaway here on Monday!


  1. I love Wegmans. We have 1 about 35 minutes away. They do have a nice cheese section in the store.

  2. Beautiful rose! Thanks, Nancy!