Saturday, May 14, 2011

A few things crossed off the list

Sadly there has been no sewing in this busy week but I can say that I crossed a few things off my list. Easter has been put away and most of my clothes have been switched over. I had to finish round one tonight before I could go to bed. It is fun to bring things back out and find things you didn't remember. Haven't really purged anything yet but sure hope to get to that.

After I put Easter away, out came some of the sunflower items. And they worked perfectly with the real ones I bought at Trader Joe's. They are my favorite flower and always make me smile.

I am going to get some flowers tomorrow. I do have someone coming to dig some things out of the garden and need to have things for him to plant. I asked him to come since I would much rather play with fabric than play with dirt. My gardening is always purely accidental. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. This was one happy surprise. Planted a few years ago and come back every year.

Aren't they gorgeous!

I definitely have plans to sew tomorrow. The wedding is next Saturday and I need to make a jacket to wear. The pressure is on. My best work is coming. Stay tuned for a quick finish. 


  1. Pressure is a wonderful companion to accomplishing tasks. LOL