Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The old and the new

Our little quilting group met tonight and once again really enjoyed getting together and talking about quilts and life. Always amazing when you sit back and see where little tidbits of conversation wind their way around and back to the topic.

Once again we all shared the block we made for tonight. It was fun to see that Laura used fabric that I had given away at our last meeting. And of course, they all looked just a bit different. So fun to see how the block looks when made with other fabric.

We really enjoyed seeing some of the old quilts that people had brought to share. We never cease to find interesting things to share with each other.

Dru had some family quilts that have been around for years. Unfortunately, there wasn't a label to tell who made it. It is so good to see how well they have stood the test of time too.

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Lynn shared a few more of her wonderful quilts. We all were intrigued how she made the house quilt when they moved from California - their blue house, one heart for each of them and trees circling the quilt to represent the trees around their house. The four corners each represent their ancestry. So clever.

Cindy shared a few more vintage quilts. We all liked the one that was made of churn dash blocks that had been made years ago and then donated to a quilting group. So much fun to see the old quilts that we can appreciate even more now.

Laura brought a few quilts that she had made over the years. The Bargello quilt she showed us was made by her daughter when she was 17. (Did I remember that right, Laura?) I am so in awe of the talent shown by everyone in our group.

The new was supplied by Fran and me. Fran shared the fabric she plans to use in a baby quilt she will make in the next week or so. I showed my latest online fabric purchase. Just love the sewing theme fabric. Both have patterns just like the ones I've been tangling with in the last few days.

We also learned a new skill tonight. Lynn's block used paper piecing and she demonstrated for us on Dru's sewing machine. We all agreed that it would be a good idea to make this one right away so we wouldn't forget. I'm hoping to get to mine in a few days if not before.

There are so many more pictures I could share but my space is running out. Still learning how to place the pictures correctly in the blog. As they say, "Be patient, God isn't finished with me yet." Always something new to learn.

My head is full of quilting and it feels so good. Lots of colors and patterns dancing in my head. Should be a colorful sleep tonight.


  1. Have to apologize for the red type. Tried to edit after it was published and almost lost the whole post. Ay yi yi! I'm going to leave it alone, warts and all!

  2. I love that paper pieced block, even though I don't really care for that method much. Lovely quilts. Nice to see your show n tell.

  3. Thanks for the Quilt Group update. Very interesting to see how last month's blocks could look so different.

    I've never tried paper piecing- I'll be picking Dru's brain about that!

  4. What a fun group, and what amazing quilts! THe family quilts are fabulous!