Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I forgot to share this...

I have been looking at this for over 2 weeks and as my birthday month winds down I just have to share it with you. I was lucky enough to get a postcard from Jill at Today I Saw. She has this wonderful project where she sends a postcard a day to a lucky recipient. I sent her my address and received mine in the mail right before my birthday. A great gift and surprise. You can see her daily postcards on her blog.


So much fun. I ordered a set of the blank postcards from her Etsy shop and plan to start sending them soon. I'm not a great artist but I might be able to do a line drawing. My kindergarten students thought I was a wonderful artist!

I'm participating in the Fall-into-Fall Giveaway so be sure to watch this spot for my giveaway announcement. It starts on October 1st.

Today I'm off to one of my favorite quilt shops. (Please don't tell my friends and family since they think I have way too much fabric already. We know that just isn't true, right?) I have a birthday discount and just can't waste it. I'll report back later on any purchases.

It is raining here so a good day for sewing. Have a happy one.


  1. Hmmmm...birthday discount. Are you going to "P*********" in NJ? Wish I was going there, too. I get to go next month when I get MY birthday discount!

  2. Hey- I need to come down in March so I can get a Birthday discount!! Personally, I think ANY day is a good day for sewing!!