Saturday, September 18, 2010

A finish - well, almost

My day at the View a few months ago
I was lucky enough to spend most of the day sewing and I am happy to say that the most recent quilt I'm making is finished, well, except for a few finishing touches. I can't post any pictures yet since I think the birthday girl reads my blog. I will be heading her way tomorrow so I will post pictures after I present it to her. I am very excited. I hope she likes it.

I was out early this morning to make a trip to the bank and the post office. As I was heading home, I passed a farmer's market that I didn't know was there. Seems that there is one every Saturday. Well, I had to check it out. Some produce, some jewelers and the Great Harvest Bread Company. Yummmmm. They give you samples and I have never seen such generous pieces. I had to buy some - it was so delicious. And I also bought some wine from a local winery. Well worth the stop.

Since I think all posts need a picture and the quilt is not available, I went back into my pictures and shared the one from my day at the View. It was really fun and quite interesting.

I finally figured out my problem with links. I was using a different editor and just saw the newer one will work. I was just about ready to lose sleep over this so I'm so glad I solved the mystery. More links in the future.

Must get back to my sewing now. I only earned a short break!

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