Friday, June 17, 2011

New York, New York

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No, I won't break into song but had a great time in the city yesterday. This was a bus trip with a group of volunteers and friends from The Pearl Buck Volunteer Association. We left at 7 am and our first stop was the UN. I must say this was my first trip there and it was pretty impressive. We had an excellent tour guide who was from Venezuela. It is amazing how much she was able to share with us. They are given a briefing each morning to keep them up to date on world events.

Beautiful stained glass right as you come in the building.

Lovely sculpture

I believe this was a gift from Thailand.

The world right outside the building.

After our tour we traveled to a lovely restaurant, Le Rivage.  We had all ordered ahead and they did a great job serving us and keeping us on schedule. My chicken was delicious. And the ambience was delightful.

As we headed out to our cruise around Manhattan, we passed Ground Zero. You can no longer go near there since there is major construction going on. It was still a bit chilling to see the hole in the ground where one of the buildings stood. 

While there  was a small glitch in getting to our cruise, it was well worth the wait. Perfect sunny weather and a good guide made it a very interesting ride. I loved riding close by the Statue of Liberty. I haven't been that close since I was much younger. It was just a perfect day to be on the water and good viewing to see the sights of New York. I took several pictures of the statue but they are all sideways when I put them on this post. I don't want any of you to hurt your neck if you're reading this!

Just have to share two more things before I close this post. This was what we saw when we got back to Pearl Buck. It just takes your breath away. And that is only one place where we have those beautiful flowers. 

And then, the surprise at my door. I got my order of Red Rooster's Katagami fabric.  It is patterned after the Japanese stencil making. There are two of these incredible paper stencils hanging in the Pearl Buck house. I find them so fascinating and beautiful. I just had to have these fabrics. Now just have to decide what to do with them. A jacket, a quilt, so many ideas. 

The six different designs I ordered. 


This one looks much like the Katagami stencil we have in the house. 

Have a wonderful, happy stitching weekend!


  1. I love your New York pictures! I was at the UN in March and I was also very impressed. The flags outside the building were my favorite part :)

  2. What a great tour you had. I never was there. Th biggest city I ever visited was Paris and now I even live only two hours by train away from Paris in the French countryside!

  3. love that stained glass! thanks for sharing those pics.