Saturday, June 18, 2011

Aren't these cute?

If you are looking for the giveaway, go here.

These candlesticks just came in the mail today. I bought them on Etsy from Mandolin Goose. They take frames, candlesticks and other items and paint them. These were brass and have been somewhat weathered. I just loved the colors and had to order. Do other quilters love things that mix colors? Or is it just me? I love colorful and unexpected. You can check out their other items here. 

This little basket came with the candlesticks.

Well, I survived another yard sale this weekend. A group I belong to had a charity fundraiser and with 15 or more people contributing items, we made almost $700. Quite a difference from my $25 last week! It was a nice day for us and from 8-1 there was a steady stream of people. When we finished we packed up everything and donated it to a charity thrift shop. That is it for my yard sales!

My hydrangeas are in bloom but these don't belong to me. One of my neighbors went away for the week and she told me to cut some of hers since she won't be home to enjoy them. I love these and find it amusing that even in the same neighborhood, hers are pink and mine are a gorgeous blue. Go figure!

Sewing continues tomorrow. 

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