Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Auditioning fabric

I really thought I would be started on the next quilt by now but life has gotten in the way. I think I have decided on the pattern to use. I found this Julie Herman pattern in Easy Quilts. I do like it and like the idea of it being easy and simple.

And now I have to choose the fabric. The colors will be green and brown with a touch of blue. I think that is their color scheme. I've been collecting those colors for a few months and now must decide which ones make the cut!

I need light, dark and medium for the pattern but I think I have ample fabric to choose from. But now I do have to make the choice. I think I might take a few more pictures with some combinations. That helps to make it clearer, I think.

Yesterday, I drove up to Bucknell with a friend. She had to pick up her daughter at soccer camp. It was fun to spend time together and I got to see the campus for the first time. It is beautiful with old brick buildings from the late 1700's. We went to the college bookstore after we picked her up. A little different from when I went to college. This was actually a Barnes & Noble as well as the campus bookstore.

Hope you all have a wonderful, quilty day!


  1. Gosh...we were in the same town yesterday! I was in Lewisburg shopping with friends. Bucknell is a beautiful campus isn't it? Next time you are there, you should make a side trip to Verna's Fabrics...lots of great fabrics for $6 a yard and under!

  2. quarter logs out of greens will look great!!

  3. Don't you just love this stage of quilt-making. It can take a while sometimes, until you think you have picked the perfect fabrics. And, of course, it can all change in the sewing process. It happens a lot for me!