Monday, June 20, 2011

The Old Fashioned Way - I picked two winners!

The giveaway ended and I chose my two winners the old fashioned way! I printed the posts, cut them apart and then picked two. The winners have been notified and as soon as they respond with their addresses and their choices, I'll get them in the mail. (This is not my favorite way to pick a winner. Really need to figure out how to number responses! Any hints would be greatly appreciated.)

The winners were Denise from Count It All Joy! who wrote - I'm a follower but I wanted to share her other words with you. She said, I love the floral print -- very pretty! I go thru my stash about every year (just before Paducah) and make some decisions. Sometimes I just reorganize it. LOL! :)

Elizabeth from Living My Sweet Life  was the second winner. She saidI had a BI stash purge when I moved 3+ years ago. Now my buying habits are a bit different, and I am not planning any more purges, at least for the next couple of years. Good luck on your reorganizing!

Congratulations to both of them and many thanks to all who stopped and read and commented. I'm sure you all know how important comments are to keep a blogger going!

I'm getting back to sewing tomorrow. I have to hand stitch the binding and then it will be on its way. They will get their wedding gift before their first anniversary!


  1. Congrats to the winners!!!

    Try looking in google for how to add numbers...I can't remember how I did mine, but maybe this link will help.

  2. Hi Nancy! The box arrived yesterday -- so much fun!!! I was so tickled and surprised by all the fun goodies you sent. I blogged about it, too --

    Thank you *so* very much!!! :)