Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Finished projects for some of us...

We had our monthly meeting of the Good Enough Quilters tonight. I, unfortunately, did not have any sewing or completed blocks to take with me. Luckily, some other people did. Over the past 12 months we have shared patterns and now should have enough for a quilt. You got it, I don't have my twelve finished yet. Laura has her top finished and Fran laid hers out on Cindy's floor to check it out.

Don't you love the colors in Laura's quilt? 

Laura did a great job with the filler blocks for hers. Now to sew them together.

Our loose deadline for finishing our quilts to share is September. Hopefully, I can meet that deadline. They usually do work for me. A few people had their other blocks finished so we had to admire those too. Fran took hers out of the layout on the floor. Lynn and Karen couldn't join us tonight but I'm sure they would have had their blocks finished. Cindy showed the one she made from our $5 block at Pennington. I haven't made mine yet but she said it was a bit tricky. Hmmmm. 

We had a few other finished to share. Cindy showed everyone the first quilt she made. This was the one we made in our quilt class. It is still amazing to see how different they look with different fabric. Love the bright colors in her quilt. Peggy shared a wall hanging she made for her mother. She was thrilled to have only bought a few fabrics. It turned out this was a real stash buster. Now she is not sure where her mother will hang it!

As a group we plan to make a quilt of bug jars for a local nature center. Dru showed us the sample she made using candy fabric. Everyone is going to check their stash to see if we can use stash fabric to put this together. Who knew I would be searching my stash for bugs!!

Just had to share one final fabric find with all of you. I found these "sewy" fabrics at Connecting Threads  . The line is called Bits and Bobbins and you can only find it on their site. So fun. The irony is I was ordering this fabric at the same time Linda from Stray Stitches was writing about it arriving in the mail. Great minds...

Since we don't meet again until the end of July, I'm hoping to have some sewing to share then. We are also looking forward to having a special visitor at that meeting. 

Have a great sewing week!


  1. Oooooh, the end of July?? I'll be down there then!! Maybe I'll get to meet you all! Nice job on your first club project- it will be fun to see all the variations when the quilts are complete. Love the candy jars Dru made, we had fun finding the "shelving" fabric.

  2. Your group has some very talented ladies! Thanks for sharing the photos.
    Don't you just love Bits and Bobbins? What will you be making with yours?