Sunday, June 26, 2011

A close-up

After I posted the picture in my bedroom yesterday, Mary commented that she liked the half table. I thought I had to share it with my quilty, crafty friends out there in blogland. As you can see from these pictures, the top is decoupaged with large cabbage roses and the legs are painted different colors.

I found this at an artisan's store and couldn't resist. Of course, I do tend to pile books on top so you can't always appreciate the work on it. Great idea for repainting furniture, isn't it?

I gave a tour at the Pearl Buck House today. It happens to have been her birthday and one of the woman on the tour was having a birthday too. Going on the tour was all she wanted for her birthday! The group of 14 was so nice and two of them were students from my school. It was a beautiful day and as always, a joy to be on the grounds and in the house. 


  1. I second the above comment- beautiful flower!!

  2. Thanks for the close-up of the table. Very pretty!