Friday, June 24, 2011

A big Phew! and a short commercial

I am happy to say that the quilt came out of the wash and no running colors. Yayyy! It looks great and even with all that red, no damage was done by washing. It is laying out on the table and will be dry and ready to ship on Monday. I can't believe it.

These are the color-catcher sheets that I put in and there were colors that ran but since I put in three of these 

it was safe. 

Now I will move to the planning stages for my next wedding quilt. Have the fabric, pretty sure I have the pattern and it will just mean weeding out the green and/or brown colors I don't want. This one needs to be finished by July 16th, let the pressure begin!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. 


  1. I love love love Color Catchers! I haven't had a single problem since I started using them - and we use a lot of donated and vintage fabric, so some of it isn't as colorfast as more modern fabrics!

  2. great advice, I have never used them! Thanks