Wednesday, June 15, 2011

All set up and ready to sew.

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Doesn't this look nice? I set up my machine today after I decided that I had made ample progress on the closet. The windows were open and I was all set to go. While I didn't do a ton of sewing, at least it is a start.

My first order of business was to trim the quilt and get it ready for the binding. I basted the sleeve on the back of the quilt and any more sewing will have to wait. "A journey of a thousand miles..." And sometimes making a quilt feels like that journey. A pleasant one for sure but unlike Bewitched, we can't just wiggle our nose to make it happen. Oh, darn.

And now my true confession - even though I'm purging I was thrilled to get the squishy package in the mail today. I just got the three Charm Packs from CharmPacksPlus . They were even having a sale and I have been coveting Rose Parade and Summer House. The colors and the design of these fabrics is just beautiful.
The bottom picture shows fabric that I stumbled upon when I walked up to JoAnn Fabrics today. I was researching muslin prices for a fundraiser at the Pearl Buck House. I thought this would make a really pretty skirt for the summer. I think I even have a sweater or two that would go with it. I'm going to try wiggling my nose for that one.

Back to work. I hope I can soon post the finished quilt. Only about 3,000 more steps before that happens!

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  1. I realized yesterday that I was sitting too low for sewing and my chair does raise, duh;) I love that summer house print, really nice shades and designs.