Monday, June 13, 2011

Never too old to learn something new

I went to the last guild meeting for the year tonight. We started with strawberry shortcake, complete with blueberries and whipped cream too. It sure looked like everyone enjoyed their delicious treat. Perhaps that explained the really good turnout for tonight's meeting.

After a brief business meeting, the group was split into 3 groups and we went to different workshops. The first one I went to was given by Barbara, who is quite an expert on quilt history. Her presentation was about quilts from Wales and Provence. As she showed us, much of what was made in the 1800's was used as undergarments by the wealthy. You can see one of the patterns that might have been used on the table. They were whole cloth quilts and used a special technique where cording was pushed through channels to make the desired effect. Barbara did comment that when we use a solid fabric or even muslin for our quilt backing, we allow the quilting to really show. (And not surprising, I found another book I want for my collection - Quilts of Provence. Makes me really feel bad that my trip there won't happen until next year!)

When the bell rang we moved to our next workshop. At this one I got the answer to what exactly do you use this stuff for.

Some of you are probably familiar with wool roving. I have seen it in quilt shops but never really knew how to use it. Gina showed us needle felting and made it look so very easy. I'm trying to resist picking up one more sewing hobby to add to the collection and my closet. (More on that later.) She showed us the technique and a few projects she has completed. The picture she is holding is not quite finished but really showed the process. I love the pretty little framed flower sitting on the table. 

The final workshop was a sewing project and since I forgot to bring any supplies, I came home. But not before taking pictures of a few of the quilts brought in for show and tell. 

This was a signature quilt. Someone who had been president a few years before was given this when her term was up and it was finally finished so she brought it in to share. I love the colors in this. 

Made as a graduation gift. School colors are green and white.

Simply beautiful. The detail is just intimidating. 

Had to show the membership table. Each month Carol brings in a different quilt for the table. The smaller  "applique" blocks are from a cheater panel. I don't think Carol would mind me telling her secret since she was telling everyone who admired the quilt. I just love the colors in this one.

I did make great progress on the closet today and there will be a giveaway tomorrow. I might have to do more than one since there is only so much room in my closet. I am really going to try to keep it neat and organized. Be sure to check back!

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