Monday, January 3, 2011

Catching up!

 Today was a great day to catch up and I actually did some sewing in the daylight. My sewing room gets the afternoon sun so it was perfect light for sewing. We are having our quilt group meeting tomorrow night so I wanted to catch up with my blocks. The one at the top is the new block for this month. It was my turn so the pressure was on. Being someone who works best under pressure... If anyone from my group is reading this, they get a sneak peek.

I can't decide if I'm happy with my fabric choice. I love the fabric but don't always have the right size piece to cut. The ones I made today have a few pieced sections. I was able to find more "solid" colors on ebay and expect to get them by the end of the week. I do love the lavender and sunflower theme of the design.

If you look at the side of my blog, you'll notice a new button. I was reading some blogs today and loved what Kelly had to say on her Charming Chatter blog. Be sure to click on the blog and read what she has to say. I do plan to sew for the pleasure of it. I do have goals but won't let them take the joy out of the creating. 
This month,

I want to catch up with the 3 BOM's that I signed up for. I have them all in their proper containers and ready to sew. 

Another goal is to finish the wedding quilt. I have four more blocks to finish and then put it together. I can do it. 

I did also just find out about a baby shower I'll be going to. That does mean a quilt. I may wind up giving a box of the chosen fabric and finish after since it's coming up and the next few weeks are pretty busy. This is the way to give a gift several times over, right? 

Happy sewing, everyone!

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  1. Such pretty blocks - and I love the photo in your header! Great goals - I'll be rooting for you!!!