Friday, January 21, 2011

Guess what I saw!

I have been away from posting for a while because I was vacationing in HAWAII! I went there to visit a high school friend and was joined by 4 other friends from across the country.  Jean has lived there for over 5 years and planned a wonderful itinerary for us. We were all over Oahu and saw so very much thanks to careful planning.
Even though there was torrential rain and gale force winds the first part of the week,  we had a great time.

I will be sharing some other pictures with you but had to show one of the high points for me. I saw some quilters working on Hawaiian quilts! We visited Queen Emma's Palace and I must have mentioned quilting. When I did, the docent told me the quilters were there that day. I could hardly wait for the tour to end so I could see them!

Not a surprise, the teacher was very gracious and even though they were packing up, they were willing to show me what they were working on, let me take pictures, and even shared some of the patterns. Throughout the week, I picked up a few pattern and history books to add to my collection! It is definitely on my someday list. 

Opening the cut pattern. I always thought it was cut in quarters but learned it was in eighths. This shows placing the pattern on the fabric. 


And then basted. Notice the echo quilting on the finished pillowtops they were making.

There were other examples of these quilts just about everywhere we went. Of course, I couldn't take pictures of the ones in the museums but they were beautiful.

Time to go, have to work on that to-do list. More pictures to come. 


  1. What a great "bonus" stop on your itinerary!

  2. How cool! The quilts look beautiful. But how could you leave Hawaii and return to winter??

  3. What a wonderful place for a trip and quilting too.


  4. You lucky girl! I love Hawaii. How fun you got to see the quilters! Hawaiian quilting is truly a magical art.