Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A quick question for all

I am ready to put the binding on a long-awaited quilt. I realized that the backing fabric is ample to just fold over and use as the binding. Has anyone ever done that? Just thinking that it might get done quicker and it is the fabric I plan to use for the binding anyway. Any ideas out there?


  1. I have done it for years on my tied quilts because I did not know how to put on binding. I would use a walking / even feed foot so the fabric feeds through more evenly. I just got my new foot and love it for that as well as doing some simple quilting. You can check out my first mug rug a few posts back to see how I did it. It looks fine but I have now learned to put on binding. I will still use this fold over the backing for some of my projects.

  2. I have done it on a lot of children's quilts- it is easy. Do two opposing sides, then the top and bottom - it makes it easier to miter the corners that way. A walking foot really helps, too! I don't do it much any more because I like to add a little punch with a different colored binding, but it is a practical way to bind a quilt, for sure! And a lot faster!!

  3. I think it will look fine folding over the fabric from the back. My sister finished a quilt doing that and it looked very nice. It was a lot easier than putting binding on.

  4. I always fold my border back, for the binding.
    I usually add a 3 1/2" black border to the finished quilt, so it frames it on one side and the rest goes to the back.


  5. great question, as I too have wondered about this. So glad that several who've done it commented so that I could learn some tips too :)

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie