Saturday, January 8, 2011

Slow and steady...

...gets the work done. I just spent less than 30 minutes and made another block for the wedding quilt. The blocks really do go together quickly. This one is my second house block. I want to make one more of those and an evergreen and then I can put it together.

And even better was watching the end of Pretty Woman while sewing. I just love that movie and can never see it too many times. What are the movies you love to see over and over?

We had a lovely snow this morning. Just enough to cover the ground and being a weekend it didn't hurt traffic too much. It was a lovely day to stay home all day and watch the snow fall.


  1. One of my favorite chick flick movies is American President! But Pretty Woman ranks right up there. We're expecting snow tonight coming up from the south, followed by another system Monday night coming down from the north - a very unusual occurrence in Tennessee - so I may have a few snow days myself!!

  2. Love the house block!

    I like watching period pieces - especially by BBC. A few of my favorites are Pride & Prejudice, Wives and Daughters, North and South, Persuasion, and the like. =) I guess their chick flicks and they are hours long. I will often turn one on during ironing. =) I appreciate true character development...and these seem to do the trick. =)

  3. My favorite movie is You've Got Mail. I've watched it so many times that I don't need to watch it as I sew. Just hearing it is enough.

  4. I'll echo Sarah Craig- love "American President" and Dru- love "You've Got Mail". For laughs- give me "Space Balls" anytime!!
    We have dodged another storm- seems like you guys are getting more snow than us up here in New England. Fine with me but we need a snow day January 19th!!