Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Snow (soon to be sew) day!

This has been a great day at home with 3 hours outside shoveling with my neighbors. We had fun as well as clearing everyone out of their drives and parking spaces. I do live in the best neighborhood in the world.

I had planned to sew all day but other things kept getting in the way. One thing I did do was watch the last segment of Oprah's trip to Australia. I was so moved by the whole thing as I relived a trip I took a few years ago to Australia and New Zealand. It was wonderful and I would go back in a minute. Wish I had been in Oprah's audience the day she announced the trip. What a wonderful country.

I'm doing this as a quick post to wish all Australians a Happy Australia Day! I may be a tad late since there is a time difference but send good wishes anyway.

Back to sewing. Who knows there might be a sewing post later tonight. 


  1. Well, thank you for thinking of Australia Day - greatly appreciated!!!

  2. Love your banner photo- it looks like my home up here in MA. We've had over 60" of snow so far this month. YIKES!!