Thursday, January 6, 2011

Aren't they too cute?

I had a lovely afternoon. Several of the people I worked with at the Christmas Village met this afternoon and spent a couple of hours catching up and enjoying each other's company. It is such a great group of people and it was really nice to see them again. And even better, it was warm inside. 

Heather surprised me with the cute little mice at the top of this page. They are little Hallmark ornaments and each one is something to do with sewing. I love them. They are wee little and I want to share them with one of the classes at school. They are perfect to accompany a story called Something From Nothing. In the story the little mice are shown at the bottom of the page and they are using the snips and threads that are being cut off different pieces of fabric. These are just like the ones in the story. 

I also made a little bit of progress on the wedding quilt. This is the next block that I made. The couple have a special connection to a blue bird so it seemed perfect to make one of the birds for the quilt. I only have 3 more blocks to go and then I can put it all together. I am loving this quilt and love the book that has the patterns. Stay tuned!


  1. Those mice are soooo cute! Can't wait to see your finished quilt!

  2. Even before I read your post today, I was looking at your block thinking "Bluebird".

    Nice, nice, nice.

  3. CUTE!! They are tiny, I can tell by you cutting mat. Wow! That is a wonderful block.