Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our 8th meeting!

Our Good Enough Quilters group met tonight. We were all a little surprised when we realized it was our eighth meeting. And happy to realize that it only took us 7 meetings to decide on our name.

I was thrilled to be able to actually share some sewing this time. Cindy had delivered my finished quilt that I made for a friend's birthday last year. It has taken this long to get some quilting done. Shhh. Don't tell her it is almost done. I just have to bind the quilt and it will be finished. The quilting group did a great job with the stitching. One way you look it is a fleur de lis and another way you see hearts. I love it.

Karen shared her hooked rugs and her punch needle with us. We were all quite impressed and Lynn realized that she had met Karen years ago at a craft show. Small world.

This is our 8th meeting and 7th block that we've made so far. It is still interesting to see how different fabrics make a different look for each block. We pretty much decided that we would make 12 and then move on to another project.

It was my turn to choose a block to make. After almost showing the wrong one, I figured it out and showed them this. I won't have to make a new block for next month so I can catch up on some other projects. Keep an eye out for them.

Right before we left Fran shared her block from the Pennington BOM. Aren't they such pretty colors.?!
We're all looking forward to our next meeting. We'll be going to the home of a friend of Cindy's who is a fabulous quilter. Can't wait to see all her quilts. 

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