Friday, January 21, 2011

A day at home

A view of Honolulu from the high peaks

Just love to have a full day at home and especially after being away, a chance to catch up. I only left the house to get the paper, shovel the driveway and get the mail. In between I worked my way through my list but slowly. I thought I would sew but just didn't get to it.

I can't remember if I ever shared this before but I live on the sunny side of our street. It was so helpful today after I cleared the snow, the sun did the rest. Right now my driveway and sidewalk are dry as a bone. I love it.

I don't have my own sewing to share but I do have some show and tell. The first picture is one of the pillow covers that I bought. It is a traditional pattern. I just love the pattern and the echo stitching. When I was talking to the quilt teacher about patterns she was telling me that they use the trees, leaves and flowers around them. When I told her I lived in Pennsylvania, she said that we have beautiful foliage here and I should use that. Hmmmm.
 Here is the fabric that I bought on my quick race through the fabric store. I was the only quilter in our group so I didn't want the others to have to wait. Amazing what you can find when you're in a hurry. I loved the Hawaiian prints. Not sure what I will do with them but I have them. The black fabric on the right has all kinds of tropical drinks on it. Very fun.
These are a few of the books that I bought. I tried to find a few that gave instruction and a few that are just thoughtful examinations of the tradition. I found the pineapple pattern at the fabric shop. Looks like an interesting pattern to make. Wonder how long it will take me to make that one?!!


  1. Welcome home Nancy! I love your pillow cover-I have the same color but a different pattern that I bought in Hawaii. Great minds :-). Can't wait to hear all about the trip and see more pictures.

  2. Your pillow cover is gorgeous and the books looks great!