Monday, November 1, 2010

November already!

The quintessential New England stone wall... Don't you love it!

The calendar says it, the weather feels it but I still can't believe that it is November already. Now the pressure is on and we (don't mean to speak for others but I've seen this in several blogs lately)really have to get cracking on all those Christmas and holiday projects. I only have a couple but time is a-passing! The good news is I am having a new heat pump put in tomorrow so that means I have to be home all day and sewing is at the top of the "list". (Do you think the cavewomen made lists on the cave walls?)

I spent the weekend in CT with family and enjoyed seeing the great costumes my two nieces wore. Their mom is very clever and makes new costumes each year. She is amazing and so talented and creative. The weather was clear but there was certainly a nip in the air. My drive up was wonderful even though many of the trees were already bare. There were still bursts of color along the way.

Waiting for the right time to go trick or treating!

Now have to get back to clearing the hallway so the new unit can be brought in. Hmmm, do you think I will find some things I can get rid of? (Yes, the sound you hear are my friends and family applauding and shouting YES!)


  1. Those pumpkins are a work of art! Amazing!

  2. Great pumpkins! I hope you are getting in a lot of sewing today (since I didn't read your post until Tuesday!)