Monday, November 8, 2010

Idle hands and redwork

I had a wonderful weekend visiting friends and meeting a new baby. I was out in western PA with some college friends and to meet one friend's beautiful new granddaughter. All the family gathered to greet her and she seemed to enjoy being passed from person to person. We all did very well and remembered to share. Most special was when she was being held by her great-grandfather. A beautiful picture.

I'm sharing the owl again since I decided to change the eyes. I like this one much better. I gave it to the baby and also added her birth information to the quilt this matches.

I have a hard time with idle hands and my friends are used to me always bringing a project to work on This time I brought some Redwork with me. This is my first attempt with it and whether I'm doing it correctly or not, I'm enjoying it. I bought the pattern at the Southern Living show. It seemed to fit with my love of books and the school desk took me back to my teaching days. (No, I didn't teach when they used those desks!) I'm loving it since I love the soothing experience of hand sewing.

I will be starting my holiday job at the Christmas Market next week so I'm feeling the holiday crunch a little early. The pictures show where I'll be spending my time but that means I won't be spending time here at home. Time will go quickly!

Now, I'm home today and I'm going to sew. There is a long list of things to work on but I'm getting to the sewing first. I often leave that until evening and then time is too short to get anything accomplished. 

So... I'm going to step away from the computer and get busy. Maybe I will have sewing to share later today. 


  1. Love your redwork, I have seen some old pictures and thought it might be fun to do a more detailed one. I would love to work there, would be a place to put me in a happy mood;)


  2. Your redword looks wonderful. I agree with you about idle hands - can't stand 'em! I hope you were able to get a lot of sewing in yesterday!