Saturday, November 13, 2010

Small but mighty good show

I went to a wonderful Quilt Show today. It was put on by the Variable Star Quilters.   I only had a short time to walk through but that is one of the best things about this show. It is not huge but when you see the pictures I took, you will realize how full a show it is. The quilts were hung and artfully displayed in seasonal and similar groups. One area held various Christmas quilts and another had storybook quilts.

This quilt was an anniversary gift. The maker had collected signature blocks at the wedding and then 5 years later it was completed and given as an anniversary gift. Don't you just love it?

Two years ago a larger version of this quilt was the raffle quilt. That really broke my heart not to win that one. I love the design of this little quilt. 

A small view of the winter season area. I loved the houses on this one.
So simple and so pretty.

Two bright, bright quilts. I love them.

Great to see so many sunflowers in various forms.

Alice in Wonderland. There was someone standing by me who really wanted to find this fabric.
Remember the Poky Little Puppy? Well, here he is in a quilt. I love the wonky setting of the blocks.
Sunflowers greeting you at the door.
This was such a lovely quilt.
Just love these chickens....
Another house quilt. Looks so good.
There were several Perkiomen quilts in the show.

Love this sunflower and rooster quilt.
When entering the show, I was impressed with the friendliness of the guild members. I know that they are a small group but they certainly worked hard and put on a wonderful show. I entered the basket raffle but alas, this was one show where I didn't win anything but came away with some terrific idea.

I tip my hat to the guild members who put on this show. I will certainly look forward to coming again


  1. Nancy, the winter one is a PBC quilt made by the staff.

  2. I have to say my two favorites were the chicken one and the rooster/sunflower one.By the way,love your new top photo- the flowers are gorgeous!!

  3. The quilts are beautiful Nancy! I wish that I could have seen them in person.

  4. Beautiful quilts! Thank you for taking us on the virtual tour with you.

  5. Hi Nancy!
    Those are just beautiful. There were a few I would yearn for! What talent!
    I'll think of you today at CTS! I hope they restocked from the weekend, I am sure it has been picked over!

  6. I read this blog a couple days after the quilt show. I now has even more meaning for me. My mother made the first quilt you have pictured here .. the sunflower/cheeker board quilt. On Nov22nd she had a bad stroke and has been hopitalized since. i took that quilt to her on the second or third day after the stroke and she held onto it ever since ... only swapping out one of my handmade quilts to clean the sunflower quilt. She was moved to bryn mawr rehab yesterday and things are looking up. Only a quilter can appreciate the power a quilt has to heal.

  7. Christine,
    Thank you so much for sharing that with me. I do hope that she continues to improve to enjoy more of your quilts.

    Take care.