Friday, November 12, 2010

Have you ever been to CTS?

And for those not in the Northeastern US,  CTS is The Christmas Tree Shop. Their tagline is "Don't you just love a bargain." And therein lies the problem. The things they have there are sold at unbelievable prices. I used to have to travel to Connecticut at least once a year to shop at one and that was my justification for spending way too much. One time, after they packed my purchases, it took two shopping carts to take it to the car!

Well, now they are expanding and opening new stores. Not one close to me yet but close enough. I went to Downingtown on Thursday with a friend and our sole purpose was to visit CTS. And it was well worth it. Have you heard the phrase, nickel and dime yourself to death? Well, I did a little of that. In the beginning, I was trying to keep a running total in my head to avoid sticker shock at checkout. I gave up at $60. Yes, I did exceed that amount but had a 20% discount! And I got some great stuff.

After we left, we went to Max and Erma's for lunch. I have only been there one other time but loved the goldfish hanging from the ceiling. Luckily, these were the non-greasy kind!

While most trees are past their peak color, I did notice a few on our way that still provided a burst of color on the horizon. The tree in my sewing room window is almost bare now but provides a great view of the street. Some of us call it our Nosy Neighbor window. Yesterday morning I noticed the color out my kitchen window with one brightly colored tree. Great view.

No, there has been no mention of sewing in this post. And that does drive me a little crazy. Yesterday was busy with the trip to CTS and then a homeowners board meeting here at my house. The secretary was not able to attend so minutes were left to me. After the meeting I worked on those minutes and then minutes from another meeting I attended. The second set was 5 pages long. Ergo, no sewing but maybe today. Hope springs eternal...


  1. We have one nearby and I rarely go, way too crazy for me, lol.


  2. Love the Christmas Tree Shops and something I only get to do when I visit my sister in Massachusetts. They don't have them in California - we have nothing close to it here. I've had to have things shipped home because I bought so much there before.

  3. Hi Nancy,
    I've heard of the store, but we don't have one here. :-( And I missed going when we were back east visiting family... just not enough time!

    There is a blog I follow and thoroughly enjoy, btw.
    She shops there a lot and has the most wonderful tablescapes!
    It is
    Stop by and say hello to Kathleen.

    Have a great afternoon... Karen

  4. Hi Nancy!
    Oh I have been a fan of CTS for years. My son went to Holy Cross in MA, and there was one near there. So since 1990 I had been writing to them asking them to come to LI. We used to take "field trips" to CT., and I even got my dh to drive to RI to one. The last draw was about 3 yrs ago I asked him to take me to Staten Island. 4 and a half hours. Never again. But now they have opened an hour from me, and I am there every few weeks. Good thing I retired from teaching as it is very close to where I worked, it would have been very dangerous!
    I never go on the weekend, too crowded, and I find around 2 is a good time as people leave to be home for their kids! It's a science!
    I am so glad I got to meet you, and I hope you will come again to visit.
    Did you get the coupons for 20% off your whole order? They are good till Tues and I can email them to you! Let me know.

  5. Hurray for Christmas Tree. Hopefully Kathleen of Cuisine Kathleen and I will meet there Monday to check out their most recent bargains.

    - The Tablescaper

  6. I have never been to a CTS - don't think they are in California. Beautiful view out of your window!!