Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dove wisdom

 As you may know, Dove chocolate always includes a saying on the wrapper. Lately they have included those sent in by fans. Well, today, when I unwrapped my morning dark chocolate (they say you should have some dark chocolate every day, right?), the wrapper said, "Celebrate the small victories in life."Debbie from Fairfield, OH.

In light of the very long list I am working on, I decided that is what I would do. I am celebrating the fact that I finally got that pedicure I needed, pulled some of the dead flowers from the garden, went to the grocery store, purged some old papers from the pile... and the list goes on. Boy, do I love crossing things off my list!

The other thing to celebrate is the fact that at 61 I don't mind running out to the store without makeup or freshly coiffed hair. But then there is always Murphy's Law which says when I do that I will ALWAYS run into people I know. Today I saw one of my neighbors and a friend from church. Lucky for me, they have both seen me looking better.

I am enjoying the open windows, maybe the last day for this, and the gorgeous weather. The leaves are absolutely brilliant. Don't know how much longer we can enjoy those. While I love the flowers in spring and summer, there is something about the red, yellow and orange of fall. Maybe part of it is the short time we have to enjoy them.

This was the view out my front door this morning. What a sight to behold.

Now, back to the list. If I can cross everything off today, the one thing on it tomorrow will be sewing!


  1. What beautiful scenery! Yes we should always have chocolate everyday! I like to celebrate the little and big things I accomplish, too!
    Goodluck with getting everything crossed off of your list so you can just sew tomorrow!!!

  2. I love your new header on the blog!

    I agree the small victories/accomplishments are the best and they add up very quickly to become large accomplishments.

  3. What a great thought! It is nice to accomplish I cleaned my bathroom! That's more than a little accomplishment, but it's done.

    I also smiled at your leaving the house without makeup or doing your hair...I'm not to that point yet, but if I'm staying home, I don't do anything. =)

  4. I am so WITH you about running out without make-up. At 56, I only recently stopped washing my hair every Frickin' day! It was oily when I was in high school, but not any more. I've just about washed my hair to death, but I always wanted it to look nice and clean. There's something I can cross off my list--at least some days.

  5. Having never worn make-up, it's easy to leave the house! Run a comb through my hair and I'm good to go!!
    Beautiful photos- how I miss Bucks County!

  6. By the way- I took the flower test and I'm a sunflower, too! No wonder we get along!!

  7. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous fall colors with us. We do not get much of that here and it's always nice to see places that do.