Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Oh, what a night!

After getting a bit lost, but not too much, I arrived at Laura's house for our quilt group meeting. You will notice that I keep calling it that since we are still trying to decide on a name for our group. We bounced a few ideas around tonight and we are getting a little closer to consensus.

The oohs and ahs started early as Debbie, who just joined us tonight, modeled a jacket that Laura's daughter made a few years ago. We were all quite impressed.

We all shared the blocks we made this month. This is our fourth block and it is still interesting to see how the same pattern looks so different in the fabric we each used. Dru laid out her four blocks to show Debbie and Karen, our two newest members, what we have done so far. We finally got to see Dru's third block. We all liked it but she doesn't.
That started a trend and we all lined up our four blocks on the floor. We were pretty impressed with ourselves.
Since we really got ourselves started when we went to a local quilt shops Block of the Month meetings, it was most appropriate for Fran, Laura and Cindy (with her head cut off - sorry Cindy) to show their blocks from Pennington Quiltworks' program. I'm doing this too but mine hasn't been made yet. I'm using completely different fabric for mine. Maybe next month.
We have heard about Laura's project but it was great to see what she has done so far on the quilt for her mother. It is a beautiful blue fabric and white on white. Notice in the close-up you can see that Laura has fussy cut the white. Great placement of fabric. And if you look really closely in the background, you can see a quilt that Laura made hanging on the wall.

Fran shared a fabric find from ebay. It is a really pretty floral with some great flowers and thistles on it. Perfect for our Scottish Fran.
I apologize for the shaky picture but this is a quilt that Dru made for her son. She had to snap it back from him to show us. We loved the quilt and the colors but really liked the way she put the label on. It is a small envelope that opens and has a poem inside for her son. Great idea, huh? She also made a pillow with a wonky star. Love those wonky stars!

The block above is our block for next month. Peggy chose this one from Quilter's Cache, a great site for block patterns. Looks like another great choice.

Karen shared two wonderful dolls she made. They are based on the book Hitty, Her First One Hundred Years. Karen made the one on the right from a mold but carved the one on left to closely resemble the one written about in the book. We loved the tiny removable clothes and the workmanship on both dolls.
As our evening ended we added more oohs and ahs as we admired Laura's quilt hanging on the porch. She made this from a block of the month that only included the tan blocks. Laura really spiced it up with the red flowers. Love the vibrancy of this one.
The final picture shows a great idea. Laura tied placemats together to make a long table runner. Great idea for a quick runner, right?
I hope you enjoyed our little mini-quilt show pictures. It is always so much fun to meet with this group of talented women. Can't wait to see what everyone shows next month. 
And from all of us, we missed you, Lynn. Hope you feel better!


  1. Hey Nancy, I had to read this first thing :-)

  2. What wonderful blocks, beautiful quilts, a gorgeous jacket, and a great idea!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Nancy- Thanks for sharing all the activities from your meeting last night. Love the four blocks together! Pretty,pretty,pretty.

  4. Everything is so pretty, I don't know what to start with. It sounds like you are all having a great time at your meetings. It is nice tohave quilting friends to hang with and get inspiration from.

  5. Thanks for the virtual quilt show. Beautiful work done by all!