Monday, November 15, 2010

Checking that list

I made some real progress today in the race to the holidays. I will be working just about every day starting tomorrow and as much as I hate to do it, I am already decorating my house for Christmas. The picture above shows one of my mantels.

No, I don't live in a huge house. I just happen to be lucky that I have a double-sided fireplace. This is the kitchen/dining room side. I have a gingerbread theme in this room which is carried over to the mantel. I have about 8 more bins to empty with tree decorations and tchotchke. I am trying very hard to discard into a recycle bag and donate items to a local nursing home thrift shop. It's not easy but has to be done.

When I finally came upstairs I was determined to work on blocks for the unfinished quilt. These are the trees (I know, they look like lollipops) which go on the unfinished quilt. I do need to get all of them up on a design wall to figure out what more I need to finish the top. Just have to keep plugging along. 

I read a post the other day which gave me a wonderful title. On Quilting Prolifically,, Trudi called herself a quilting butterfly. I know that you are all shaking your head and saying, yes, I get it. I do flit from project to project and only occasionally, get something done. Right now I'm involved in 2 quilt shop BOM's, one quilt-along and then my group block. In addition I have three quilts I would like to finish before Christmas. Okay, now I may panic.

Oh, yes, and then  I think I mentioned, I will be working full time. Good thing I can work at night!

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  1. Your mantel is wonderful but it would drive me bonkers to have decorations up already. I'm lucky if I get mine up by the 20th of Dec. I like your 'lollipop' trees - I can see three seasons there. Have fun at work!