Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I won!

No, not the lottery. I can only wish for that. But this is almost as good. You might remember that I wrote about going to a quilt show. Well, a few days later, I got a call that I had won one of the raffle baskets. And tonight I was able to stop and pick it up.

What fun. The fabrics in the basket are just my colors. And it also included a gift certificate to Nancy's Notions. Love a gift certificate.

Unfortunately, my work schedule has not allowed me to get any sewing done but I'm hoping that soon I can get back to it. I love working at Kathe Wohlfahrt at the Christmas Market. The people I work with are great and the customers who come in are so interesting. It is a great job.

I thought I would leave you with this picture which tickles me every time I drive by it in the morning. Such an amusing way to make a point.


  1. Those signs are making the rounds. The borough I live in has those signs, too! Same ticket price!

  2. Oh how exciting! I agree with you ... darn near as exciting as winning the lottery :) Congratulations!! Love the sign :) even my husband said it was pretty good .. huge praise from him :) Congrats!

  3. ps - I'm changing my name to Nancy, so I can win quilting goodies, too!

  4. Wow, what an awesome win! Congrats...love all the goodies you got!

  5. That is much better than the lottery;)