Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hanging on

Now I wish this post was going to be about some sewing but unforunately it is not. I have been heading into the city every day since Tuesday to get set up for the Christmas Market at City Hall. It opens on Thanksgiving Day for a sneak peek. I'm happy to say that we are almost ready. Everything just needs a little tweaking and then we are set to go.

I'm still enjoying some trees that are a surprising burst of color when you see them. As I was pulling out of my driveway this week, I was happy to see this tree that is a few houses down from mine. The trees are like a wonderfully planted flower garden with color that lasts all season long. This one is still providing color even though the trees around it are bare.

Now another surprise is in my garden. As you can see, I already put out my Christmas lights (won't turn them on until after Thanksgiving!) but among the leaves is a plant/flower that stays green all year round. In the summer it has spindly purple flowers. Very pretty. A friend gave it to me from her garden but she doesn't know what it is called. Does this look familiar to anyone out there?

My decorating is all done. Here are a few of my Kathe Wohlfahrt purchases. I love all the handpainted wooden items. Glad that these are able to have their own special spot in the living room. 


  1. ah, my twin. Retired teacher - check. Loves to sew/quilt - check. Loves to travel-check. Time flies away-check. Thought retirement meant free time -check. Decorates early - no check. I have found that bring little projects when you travel is the best way to do both. Happy Retirement Sister!

  2. Love all of your decorations, and I enjoyed the pics!

  3. Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures. Wish I could help you on identifying the plant but I have no ideas.