Friday, August 19, 2011

Starting over and more yummy fabric

The ripping out is finished and I'm starting over. I went to my local quilt shop (Byrne Sewing Connection in New Britain, PA) and got some great advice from a few of the ladies there. I just made the first line and it came out very well. One thing I will do is check each line before I go on to the next. I think that may be like "measure twice, cut once" in a different way. I made the stitch length longer and I think I really like the way it looks. Now I just have to keep on trucking. (Or as Nemo would say, keep swimming!)

In my dilemma over the quilting, I forgot to mention that I got some wonderful fabric in the mail. I am trying not to buy any more fabric but I had to have this Hometown fabric by Sweetwater. This one is filled with hometowns that people submitted. I haven't checked them all but love the idea.

In red,

and gray and blue. Hmmm, I wonder how Paducah got in there?

This one is filled with names related to homes. 

And I love the polka dots that go with it.

I did hold back a lot since I really wanted to buy it all but  once in a while I can exercise some restraint.

We have been having very unsettled weather for the past few days. Some heavy thunderstorms just went through the area and I'm not sure they are finished. I'm going to an outdoor quilt show on Sunday so my fingers are crossed that it stays clear for the weekend.

Have a wonderful weekend, whatever your plans may be. 

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