Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I love little quilts!

I love little quilts because you can finish them quickly. This is the little quilt/table mat that I started just a few days ago. I cut the fabric into 5" squares and just added the sashing. I do love the black and tan check fabric.  I just finished the binding and now it is in the wash (always with fingers crossed and a color catcher thrown in.). I really tried to make them more random and then of course, you switch something and two of the same are next to each other. Hmmm. I am pleased with the results and can't wait to send it on its way.

The back isn't fancy but I do like the way the binding contrasts with the muslin. I used straight lines again and variegated thread. One of these days I will get brave enough to get fancier but in the meantime...I have a finished quilt.

I did learn one lesson with this quilt. I pieced the binding and without realizing it (that happens when you are in a hurry) the binding at one corner was exactly where the fabrics were pieced. Everything was sewed and cut before I knew it. The corner is a little wonky but then the Navajos do believe there should always be a mistake in their work. I like that idea a lot. Does it make it look more handmade?

My sister sent this link to me this morning. It is truly awesome but definitely not going on my bucket list. Hope you can copy and see the link.

I'm heading back to sewing. Now I have to work on finishing the binding on the big quilt. Won't be as fast but it will get done. I have said how much I enjoy the hand sewing, right?


  1. I just hate it when my binding seam falls at a corner!!!! I love making small quilts too - ease of handling and the quickness of completion.

  2. "Good Enough" :) Beautiful little quilt!