Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Celebrating in style

I have had a busy few weeks with lots of family activities which have been great. My sister and brother-in-law were visiting last week and while my BIL worked, my sister and I got to play. Carol even went on a tour of the Pearl Buck House that I gave.

The first weekend they were here we headed to CT for their granddaughter's birthday. (Her cake is pictured at the top of this post. She drew the picture and the bakery copied it.) She is seven and on Sunday we all went to NYC. While Papa and Dad did other things, the ladies went to the American Girl store to shop and have lunch. And what fun that was. My sister works at the AG store in Atlanta so this was a busman's holiday for her. And we had our own personal tour guide at the store.

The store is quite an interesting place to spend time. They really do have wonderful displays. Thought I would share a few with you today.

Each of the historical dolls had their own window. 

All the outfits are a little girl's dream. Okay, big girls too. 

Recognize anything in this kitchen?

This is Addy's window. She is a slave who escaped to Philadelphia with her mother. 

Addy's window.They had the Philadelphia paper on the floor. Love the sewing machine and fabric!

So neat. 

I love this rolltop desk. Hope you can see it.

And of course, shopping was followed by a lunch in their cafe.  The dolls have their own chairs at the table.

This doll went very fancy with her feathers. And of course she had her own plate of food. 

Yummy quiche

And of course, dessert!

A fun day was had by all. It is really pretty amazing the research that has gone into developing the dolls and making them authentic. Fun place for big and little alike!


  1. What fun! My grandgirls love their American Girl dolls...I can't imagine what they would do in a store like this!

  2. Nancy-
    My 9-year-old niece just spent her birthday doing the same thing, NYC trip with lunch and shopping at the American Girl store. I hear her and her doll, Paige, had a great time!

  3. Looks like a wonderful time with the family. My daughter was too old when those came out and when I did get her dolls, she mutilated the poor things, lol.


  4. I was so amazed when I visited my first AG store in Chicago. That place is a dream for girls.

  5. I am Nancy's sister and I work at the AG store in Atlanta. It is a dream for grown-up girls, too. It is such a pleasure to watch the girls come in. It is easy to spot the first-timers. The smiles fill their whole face!! So much fun to share the store with our guests!